Answers to Your Common Lawsuit Lending Questions

How Lawsuit Lending May Help You

Even if you’re going through a lengthy legal process right now, you may not know about lawsuit loans and what they can do for you. Some people don’t hear about these measures until they’re well into litigation, and uncertainty about what they are and how they work can add to the confusion. You’ll find answers to some common lawsuit lender queries here.

How Long Does the Approval Process Take?

Every company handles their lawsuit loan procedures a little differently. However, most lawsuit lending companies do their best to review and process your request in one or two days. These professionals understand that you are experiencing financial difficulties and need relief as soon as possible. Other factors such as attorney cooperation and the submission of timely, accurate documents may play a role here.

How Does a Lawsuit Loan Help Your Settlement?

A lawsuit loan has the potential to help you reach a better settlement agreement than you might otherwise. The settlement process can be much longer than some clients expect, but they will still have financial obligations during that time. Attorneys may pressure you to take a lower settlement payment as early as possible to avoid letting the bills get out of your control. However, seeking lawsuit lending help gives you extra time to pay your bills and fight for the settlement amount that you deserve.

Does a Credit Score Affect the Loan?

The term “loan” is the easiest one to describe the financial payout you’ll receive in this case. It is different from a bank loan, however, because you usually don’t need to repay it unless you win your settlement. Many of these lending companies do not require a credit check that would be typical for other loans. You may even be able to use some of the funds from this loan to maintain a good credit score.

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