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If you have a personal injury lawsuit as a result of being a burn victim and are currently looking for a lawsuit loan in order to cover living expenses while you are waiting for your case to settle Direct Legal Funding can help!

Personal injury burn victims often have to endure a long and stressful road to recovery. Very often the psychological, emotional, and physical injuries can last a lifetime. To complicate matters, burn victims usually require years of treatment and the medical bills involved are often significant. Many burn injuries are purely accidental, however a number of personal injuries resulting in serious burns are caused by the negligence of others or products.

Some of these may include:

Fireworks Defective domestic products Defective household appliances Defective furnaces, hot water heaters, and barbecues Defective smoke detectors Defective industrial equipment. 

Another common cause for a burn victim lawsuit is a fire caused by the negligence of a premises. Sometimes fires occur in a premises such as a nightclub or other gathering place. Often nightclubs are not up to safety code and do not provide adequate emergency exits in case of a fire. Other times the maximum occupancy is exceeded. This is a common occurrence in public and private places. When fires occur in an over crowded premises like a nightclub all to often there can be a significant number of serious burn victims as well as fatalities.

Whatever the location, if the safety regulations are not up to code and a fire occurs, that premises will most likely be liable. These cases can be very complicated and the liability can be placed on several different parties. The landlord, contractors, or even the city can be liable. Personal injury burn victim lawsuits can take several years to settle. Even though the compensation for damages can be significant, due to the lengthy litigation process plaintiffs often find themselves with financial difficulties.

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Helpful documentation in obtaining a lawsuit loan on a burn victim lawsuit: Incident report Copy of complaint Medical records showing injury Insurance coverage information of defendant Expert reports Settlement offers / demand package.

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Of course, it’s risk-free! This funding is not like other typical loans. If you don’t win the case, you Don’t Owe Us A Penny and walk free. Direct Legal Funding provides you funding at the lowest interest rate of just 2%.

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