Can I Get Legal Funding With Bad Credit?

If you apply for a typical loan, you’ll have to worry about whether or not your credit score meets FICO’s criteria for “good.” But fortunately for a lawsuit loan, it doesn’t matter if your credit score is 700 or not! Unlike conventional loans, lawsuit loans do not require a minimal credit score to determine applicant eligibility. Nor do they require a background check, which makes them a viable option for more people. Lawsuit loans differ from other types of funding because you don’t always have to repay them. If a case doesn’t settle in your favor, you don’t have to pay back legal funds!

What If You Don’t Have A Great Credit Score?

Fortunately, and in contrast to many conventional loans, you don’t need to have an excellent—or even a good—credit score to be eligible for a lawsuit loan. When you apply to get cash for lawsuit loans, the lending company is most concerned with the type of legal case you are involved in and whether or not your attorney works on a contingency basis. What sets lawsuit loans apart from standard loans is that you don’t have to pass a criminal background check or have a minimum credit score to get them. This makes lawsuit funding more accessible to people who otherwise might have trouble securing emergency funding through conventional loans.

What Are The Requirements For A Lawsuit Loan?

You’ll be surprised (and relieved) to know that lawsuit loans have much less stringent requirements than many conventional loans. Lawsuit loans exist to help you pay for the cost of legal fees and daily living expenses if you are in a financial crunch. They can cover the cost of daily living expenses, legal fees, and medical bills. To be eligible for a lawsuit loan, you often have to be involved in a personal injury case. A lending company normally investigates your lawsuit before you can get cash for lawsuit settlements. This usually involves contacting your attorney to get important legal documents like medical bills and insurance information.

How Do You Get Started?

The process of applying for legal financial assistance is actually quite simple. Most lending companies simply require you to fill out and submit an application. You’ll probably have to hire an attorney first, as most lenders will consult with the attorney to understand the specifics of your case. This includes gathering legal evidence such as medical bills, insurance coverage, and other documents that show expenses associated with your case. You can look for a lawyer who handles your case at the following website: You can also browse Nolo’s website to learn more about the different areas of law, including the types of cases that qualify as personal injury lawsuits.

For many people, knowing that a minimal credit score isn’t necessary for lawsuit funding is a big relief. The process of going through a lawsuit is stressful enough, and it doesn’t help to also have to worry about covering costs associated with it. Fortunately, pre-settlement funding is a quick and easy way to get essential cash for lawsuit settlements, which is a considerable source of stress itself.



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