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If you have just won in trial and are in the appeals process waiting for your cash settlement and are in need of a lawsuit cash advance or settlement advance loans, Direct Legal Funding can provide a low-cost lawsuit settlement loan.

We specialize in providing lawsuit loans to plaintiffs that have won verdict decisions and are in need of cash while waiting to receive their cash settlements. Our lawsuit loans are non-recourse. This means that if your verdict decision is overturned you owe us nothing!

We have no credit checks, no employment checks, and our rates are as low as 2%.

The process for obtaining a lawsuit settlement loan is easy: simply fill out our online application and one of our representatives will contact you within minutes or you may call (866) 941-5588 and speak with someone immediately.

Even though most personal injury lawsuits never make it to trial there are some occasions when both sides cannot reach an agreement for proper compensation. Now you have gone to trial and won!

What’s next?

Just when you think it’s over a whole new process has started called the “appeals process”. It is not uncommon to find yourself in appeals court after having just won in trial. Many plaintiffs find themselves not only having to go through the litigation process but the appeals process as well. This is often why attorneys encourage a client to accept the final offer even if it less than expected to avoid having to go to Appellate Court. Attorneys know that the Appellate Court process may take years before the plaintiff receives a cash settlement.

Direct Legal Funding are experts in understanding the appeals process and can provide legal funding when other companies simply can’t. We know the risks involved in the appellate courts. We will evaluate your case and quickly understand the chances of receiving full compensation for your case. With the following documentation we can assess your case and provide you with a lawsuit settlement loan to give you financial relief until you receive your cash settlement. Helpful documentation in evaluating your case in providing lawsuit funding.

Verdict documents needed: Verdict sheet Complaint Post trial motions (if any)Appeal Appellate briefs Decision on post trial motions

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