How to Apply for Legal Funding

What the Application Procedure Entails for a Lawsuit Loan

When you’ve filed a lawsuit in regard to a personal injury claim or a similar case, you may require some money to pay for the costs of the lawsuit. If you’re running low on funds, consider applying for loans on your lawsuit fees. This type of loan will allow you to continue your case until you’ve reached a settlement without going into severe debt. Before you apply for such a loan, you should be aware of the application process and what it entails.

What Occurs During the Application Procedure

You will only be provided with a lawsuit loan if the lender believes that there’s a high chance you will win your case. If you win, the lender will receive part of the settlement money. If you end up losing your case, you won’t be required to pay back any money from the loan. A loan application usually involves inputting your information as well as your attorney’s information. The lender will contact your attorney to obtain the necessary documents pertaining to your case. An underwriter will then calculate how much money you should receive. This entire process typically takes a week or less to conclude.

How the Amount of Funding Is Determined

When an underwriter with the lending company receives your case documents, they will calculate how much you should receive and whether or not you qualify for a loan. The chances of you getting approved for a lawsuit loan are higher if the underwriter is confident that you’ll win your case. The amount of funding you receive depends on the likely settlement amount as well as your financial situation. The funding is meant to help you pay your bills during the lawsuit.

The Importance of Finding a Good Lender

There are many lenders available for you to select, which makes it difficult to find the best one. Look for online reviews and check the Better Business Bureau to obtain the company’s rating. If any of your friends or family have used similar services in the past, go to them for advice. Or contact the expert lawsuit loan providers at Direct Legal Funding. We provide low rate, non-recourse advance loans in just moments. You’ll be approved in as little as 24 hours.

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