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With an accident involving a railroad, you may be entitled to receive substantial compensation for your injury or loss. These types of lawsuits often take several years to settle. Plaintiffs generally find themselves needing financial assistance during the legal process of settling their case.

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Causes of Railroad Crossing Accidents

The amount of railroad crossing accidents is alarming. The Federal Railroad Administration reports that for the last 10 years in the United States every 90 minutes there is either a train collision or derailment. Every year over 1000 people lose their lives because of railroad accidents.

Many believe that this problem exists because federal laws allow the railroads to be self-regulated. Investigations show that a large number of violations of safety regulations have been reported, everything from improperly trained and over worked employees to employees instructed not to report equipment defects and injuries. Very little has been done about this over the years and not until several accidents and lawsuits occur do the railroads consider improving safety conditions.Cost may be the real issue for the lack of interest in the railroads improving the safety conditions.

Railroad companies have been using outdated technology for years. Some of the technology dates back as far as the 1930’s and very little effort has been made to update this technology. Statistics show that close to 80% of public railroad crossings do not have lights and gates. The bells and whistles cost over $125,000 per location and that is not including the cost of maintenance.

Obviously, without government regulation the upkeep of our railroads will continue to decline and unfortunately more and more accidents will occur. However, there are an abundance of competent personal injury lawyers that can assist personal injury victims of railroad accidents. The use of lawsuit funding has become increasing popular to help clients meet their living expenses while their cases are being litigated. Railroad lawsuits often take several years to settle. The defending insurance companies understand that plaintiffs experience financial problems during the long drawn out legal process and will often offer a small amount of money to settle the case.

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What to Do After an Accident at a Railroad Crossing

After any type of accident the very first thing that should be done is seeing a medical professional or doctor. It is important to prove the injuries you have received were the result of the accident. Any time that passes between the accident and seeing a doctor raises questions if the injuries were truly a result of the accident.

It is extremely important that a report is filed with the local police department, state highway patrol, or sheriff’s department. If possible, take photos of the accident scene including visible injuries and all vehicles involved. Try to obtain the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of any witnesses present during the accident.

Contact a personal injury attorney immediately! There are a number of excellent personal injury attorneys that specialize in railroad injury cases. Do not try to go it alone and do not speak to anyone about your case other than a personal injury attorney. Anything that you say to an insurance representative or investigator may have a negative impact on your case. Do not sign anything until are being represented by an attorney.

It also is important to know that you may only have up to 6 months to file a lawsuit. If you have been injured as a result of a railroad accident and the railroad company is owned or operated by the government you may need to file the lawsuit within 6 months. “Tort Claim Acts” may apply to injuries caused by a government owned railroad and usually require that the government entity be given notice quickly. Do not waste any time in contacting a personal injury attorney and becoming very clear in how to pursue your lawsuit.

Now that you a have a personal injury attorney that specializes in railroad injury lawsuits and your case has been filed you can consider lawsuit funding to help you meet whatever expenses you may currently have or will occur during the litigation process. Our lawsuit loans are non-recourse meaning that you only pay the loan back if you WIN your case.

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