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Each year, Ohio employers in the private industry report more than 85,000 non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses. According to these numbers, there is an incidence rate of 2.4 workplace injury cases for every 100 full-time workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US published this data for 2020.

Out of the 85,300 non-fatal illnesses and injuries reported in Ohio in 2020 as many as 49,700 were cases with severe injuries. These resulted in a high number of worker days away from their job, job restrictions, or transfers, which are commonly called DART cases (or Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred).

Workers’ comp cases can get complicated, and it can often take several months or sometimes even a year or two to settle the case. Because of this, injured workers in Cleveland can benefit greatly from a low-interest pre-settlement loan.

What is Workers’ Compensation in Cleveland, OH?

If you suffered an injury during an accident at a Cleveland, Ohio workplace, or you have a member in your family who was injured, developed an illness, or was killed at the workplace, there is help available. You may be eligible to get workers’ compensation if the accident arose out of your employment or was during the course of your employment.

·      “Arose out of your employment”: Refers to if the injury was caused due to a danger or risk related to your job.

·      “During the course of your employment”: Refers to the injury happening when you were working at your job, or any other place needed to be for your job.

How do claims for workers’ compensation work in Cleveland, OH?

If you have been injured while being on the job in Cleveland, OH, there are some steps you must take to seek workers’ compensation:

Step 1: Inform your employer about the injury as soon as possible.

Step 2: File a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, also known as FROI or First Report of Injury. This step can be handled by you, your employer, or the managed care company to which the injury has been reported by your healthcare provider. You can fill out the FROI by mail to a BWC office, or online.

Step 3: The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation then will open your file and investigate the claim. The BWC is required to deny or allow the claim within 28 days.

In case the claim is not allowed, you still have 14 days to file an appeal with the Industrial Commission of Ohio and request a hearing on the claim.

Step 4: If the Industrial Commission of Ohio denies the appeal, you can make an additional appeal to the Court of Common Pleas in whichever county you work or live.

This is a simplified representation of a process that can otherwise be quite complex. Your case may entail voluminous medical records from various providers, as well as technical information. There may be a need for expert witnesses to verify your claim. Your appeal may also involve complex legal questioning. While all of this is going on, a Cleveland workers’ comp lawsuit loan can provide the funding needed to help tie you over.

Types of benefits from Cleveland, OH workers’ compensation claims

If your workplace injury in Cleveland happens to be work-related, and the claim is approved, there are several benefits available, such as:

·      Medical benefits for all appropriate medical services

·      Benefits for wage loss

·      Rehabilitation benefits

·      Permanent or temporary full or partial disability benefits

Most workers’ compensation benefits get paid on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. If you have been permanently disabled, the benefits last for as long as you are alive. Partial disability or benefits for wage loss will last for a fixed number of weeks or till you are able to return to work. In some cases, you can receive a lump sum payment as opposed to multiple payments.

Types of injuries eligible for compensation

Ohio Rev. Code 4123.01 says that in order to receive workers’ compensation, an “injury” must represent any of the following: neck, brain, or back injuries, burns, broken bones, eye injuries, polytrauma, hearing loss, psychological injuries, amputation, shoulder and knee injuries, or abdominal and chest injuries.

Injured workers generally cannot sue their employer under the workers’ compensation program. However, they can receive guaranteed benefits (through workers’ comp) for as long as they are eligible. While waiting for these benefits, injured workers can apply for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan from Direct Legal Funding.

How to finalize your settlement in Cleveland, OH?

The state needs to approve all workers’ compensation settlements in Ohio. The process of finalization will depend on whether the employer is self-insured or insured via the BWC.

If your employer is insured via BWC, you need to submit several settlement documents to BWC. This includes Form C-240 or Application for Approval and Settlement Agreement. BWC will contact your attorney and negotiate. If you don’t have a lawyer, BWC will contact you.

If your employer is self-insured, you need to submit a different category of forms with the IC or Industrial Commission. You need to sign a filled Self-Insured Joint Settlement Agreement, a Release (Form SI-42) as well as an acknowledgment form (Form S1-43).

Once the IC or BWC receives your paperwork, it will review the signed documents and your claim. If the settlement is deemed “fair and equitable”, the agency approves and sends the approval letter.

Reasons why cases for workers’ compensation in Cleveland, OH can take a long time to settle

Workers’ compensation cases can often be delayed by defense lawyers and insurance companies. Many insurance companies and employers will drag out a case, hoping that you settle for a low figure settlement amount, out of desperation.

Having access to a workers’ compensation lawsuit loan in Cleveland enables you to avoid settling for less than you deserve. This countermeasure forces the employer to deal with your lawyer even if the process is dragged out for several months or longer so that you can pay your bills in peace and continue to fight for proper compensation without worry.

Obtain a Cleveland workers’ comp lawsuit loan through Direct Legal Funding

Workers’ compensation cases in Cleveland, OH can take a long time to get settled. A lawsuit loan for workers’ compensation uses the future settlement amount as the “collateral.” You don’t need to attach any of your financial assets or income toward obtaining this loan. It is a non-recourse loan, which means there is no financial risk to you. In case the workers’ compensation settlement is not in your favor, you don’t need to pay us anything!

At Direct Legal Funding, we offer competitive interest rates on our pre-settlement workers’ comp loans in Cleveland, and we try to ensure that the money reaches your account in just 24 hours. It is easy to start the application process. Apply now or call us at 866-941-5588.


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