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Direct Legal Funding specializes in offering lawsuit loans to plaintiffs that have won their cases and are in need of money before they receive their settlement. We provide non-recourse lawsuit loans, implying that even if the verdict is revoked after it was previously in your favor, YOU OWE US NOTHING!

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What To Do Next?

You think that your case is over and now you have to go through the appeals process before gaining access to your compensation. Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual that many plaintiffs go through this process after winning the trial. In addition, some even go through both the appeals process and the litigation process. You don’t have to wait for your funds.  Call Direct Legal Funding at (866) 941-5588.

Many attorneys suggest their clients accept the final settlement offer even though it’s less than expected just to avoid going to Appellate Court. They are aware that the Appellate Court process can take YEARS before their client can receive any compensation.

Direct Legal Funding is proficient in the appeals process and offers legal funding when other companies don’t. We are aware of the risks concerned in the Appellate courts, and we’re here to put your mind at ease. We will assess your case to determine the possibilities of winning your total requested compensation, and we’ll offer you a lawsuit settlement loan to support you through this process.

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