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Medical Devices


Equip Yourself For Legal Battle With Lawsuit Funding!

According to the FDA, about 100,000 death reports are due to illness or severe injury from defective medical devices. This makes you eligible for faulty medical device lawsuit funding, and Direct Legal Funding can help you with it.

You are in for a long fight with the litigation process of faulty medical device use. You still have to pay rent, medical bills, food & travel costs, and mortgage payments during this process. It is bound to put you through a financial crunch.

At Direct Legal Funding, we know that legal action takes considerable time until you receive your settlement amount in the cases of medical malpractice and faulty medical devices. However, with our swift lawsuit funding services, you can stay strong during this long legal fight and not settle for a lesser amount.

Why Do You Need Faulty Medical Device Lawsuit Funding?

Your responsibilities and other expenses don’t come to a halt because you have to commit to a lengthy legal battle against the medical authorities for defective medical devices. These funds can help you cover the expenses during the litigation process. You can also use this cash for personal use as there are no restrictions on utilizing pre-settlement funding.

Additionally, having proper cash backing allows you and your attorney to sustain your effort for a better settlement opportunity. The initial offers are hardly enough for what you deserve.

The most common tactic used by the party at fault is to pressure you into accepting compensation, knowing well that you are under a tremendous financial crunch.

You can also contact us at 866-941-5588 if you have any questions. A professional from our expert team will guide you through the process.