Pedestrian Accident Cases

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Pre-Settlement lawsuit funding helps you level the playing field by giving you financial flexibility during difficult times.

Trial lawyers, who are pushing for a fairer cash settlement on your behalf, know that insurance companies will likely offer lower amounts of funds to settle cases quickly.

Lawsuit loans allow plaintiffs like yourself to access funds sooner without having to wait weeks, months or even years until your case is settled fairly.

How Can Direct Legal Funding Help You?

We provide this funding to help you when you struggle to pay the bills while your case is pending. A personal injury attorney helps you pursue your case to receive full compensation and fair case value.

Never let an insurance company take advantage of you. If they try, it’s best to seek legal representation immediately and not settle for the lesser amount especially if your lawyer believes that your claim is worth more than the opposing party wishes to offer up.

With Direct Legal Funding by your side, you will have the cash needed to fight for the settlement you deserve. Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with an expert who will assess your case-specific needs!

Which Documents Do You Need To Obtain Pre-Settlement Funding?

The documentation you may need for obtaining pre-settlement funding on pedestrian accident lawsuits are:

  • Police report
  • Copies of your complaint.
  • Defendant’s insurance information (policy limits)
  • Medical records (MRI’s ER reports, and operative reports)
  • Demand package settlement offers

How Can You Apply For The Funding?

Apply to get a lawsuit loan online in just a few minutes. Click through to our Online Application, and get help from an experienced representative right away. Or you can contact us directly at (866) 941-5588!

With our lawsuit loan program, there is no risk to you! These loans are non-recourse, meaning that if your Case Doesn’t Win, then you Don’t Owe Us Anything.

We provide the Lowest Interest Rates and you can  Receive Your Lawsuit Loan Within 24 hours!

There are No Credit Checks. Apply today!