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If you have been injured as a result of a construction accident involving scaffolding or a ladder you may qualify for a lawsuit loan from Direct Legal Funding. Because of the risk faced by construction workers New York State gives special protection to workers on scaffolding and ladders. Working on a scaffold or ladder imposes a greater risk of injury than many other types of employment. This is why the New York Scaffolding and Ladder Safety Laws impose strict liability on general contractors, employers, and property owners.

Because of the severe injuries related with scaffolding and ladder accidents, which may leave the victim often unable to ever work again and in many cases disabled, strict liability labor laws were passed in many of our cities.

Under New York Scaffolding and Ladder Safety Laws – Labor Laws 240 and 241(6) the injured party is able take direct legal action against the property owner, employer, and general contractor.

The injured worker is not limited to workers’ compensation.

The two main effects of the New York Scaffold and Ladder Law are as follows:

One, the injured worker is not limited to the financial recovery available through the workers’ compensation system.

Secondly, Labor Laws 240 and 241(6) hold everyone in the chain of command responsible from the injured workers: direct employer, general contractor, as well as the property owner.

New York States Scaffold Labor Law provides the injured worker the opportunity to recover a greater financial compensation for his injuries because he is no longer limited to the workers compensation system when he has fallen from a scaffold or ladder. Employers, general contractors, and property owners must provide safe conditions and if they do not they may be liable under current labor laws.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a faulty scaffold or ladder on a construction site and have a pending lawsuit, Direct Legal Funding can provide financial assistance through a lawsuit loan or legal funding. Often insurance companies will offer a small amount to settle your case quickly knowing that you may accept the settlement because of financial distress.

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Helpful documentation in obtaining pre settlement funding for Scaffold Labor Law Lawsuits may include:

Incident / Accident Report or C2 & C3 Reports Witness Statements Medical Records (Initial Medical Evaluation, MRI’s, Operative Reports)Copy of ComplaintBill of Particulars if in New YorkInsurance Coverage Information (Policy Limits)Settlement Offers / Demands.