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It is challenging to cope up with the unexpected loss of family members and friends. However, pursuing legal action and claiming compensation can help families in the long term. Wrongful death pre-settlement lawsuit funding can help you go a long way if you work with the law firm to compensate for your loss.

Several unfortunate conditions are responsible for the wrongful death due to the negligence of another party. The general reasons are car accidents, dangerous products, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and other circumstances like  premises liability.

At Direct Legal Funding, we assist victims and their families with financial backing during such difficult situations. Getting pre-settlement funding can help you free yourself from the financial burden so that you can focus on how to cope with your loss and find your new normal.

Are You Eligible Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding?

The first condition you need to meet to qualify is working with a lawyer and filing a personal injury lawsuit. This way, we can discuss the case with your legal representative and evaluate the risk factors of providing you the funds.

A strong case is also essential when you are applying for lawsuit funding. If, by chance, your loved one had a role to play in that accident that caused their death, this might complicate the case. That’s why it’s necessary to discuss all your options with your lawyer.

When you apply for lawsuit funding, we decide the amount of funding you will receive based on these eligibility factors. You can use this funding for all the expenses related to your loss.