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While buying a product from the market, you believe it is 100% safe to use and wouldn’t cause any harm. However, that’s not always true. Manufacturers often take shortcuts or hide flaws in their products, which leads to severe injury or allergies, some lasting for a lifetime. Furthermore, these products can be from any industry and pose a danger to its consumers.

Such malfunctions are either in one batch or the whole product line. Either way, the manufacturing company needs to be held liable for the damage caused when consumers buy a product.

Such products include automobile parts, cosmetics, pharmaceutical drugs, medicines, household appliances, or anything sold in the market. If you are a victim of a faulted product, you are eligible for compensation from the manufacturers.

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The only problem is that manufacturers deny the fault, and the legal actions can last for months, if not years. So these types of legal battles can be costly for ordinary people. And if the harm you endured made you lose your job, the financial strain can be heavy.

Direct Legal Funding can help you ease the financial burden. We do not provide loans which you’ll have to repay with monthly payments or have to pay heavy interests. Instead, we offer you lawsuit cash advances, which you return if you WIN the case. If, by any chance, you lost the lawsuit, you will owe us NOTHING.

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