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Motorcycle accidents are among the most severe motor vehicle accidents occurring on the road. Such accidents can cause severe injuries and even fatalities.

As per the transportation authority in the United States, over 4,500 motorcyclists were killed and 86,000 injured on the roads & highways in 2005. Furthermore, around 25% of motorcycle accidents happen due to other driver’s negligence.

Why Do You Need To Apply For a Lawsuit Loan on Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

Plaintiffs get large cash settlements due to the severe injuries and fatalities involved in these accidents.

However, lawsuit settlements may take years to reach a conclusion, and the critical question here is how motorcycle accident victims will meet their daily living expenses and provide for their families?

Direct Legal Funding offers monetary loans for plaintiffs with either pending or settled personal injury lawsuits.

If you are a motorcycle accident victim and have an attorney, look no further for a cash advance before your case settles.

You can get started with the application process by simply Filling Out Our Online Application Form, and we will contact you shortly.

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Why Direct Legal Funding?

We are one of the leading providers of lawsuit settlement loans and completely understand how a motorcycle accident may leave you with an extensive injury and you may remain in no condition to resume work for some time, if at all.

Financial hardship is a hard reality that the personal injury victim and their family members experience. Due to this, the personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs will seek help from a lawsuit settlement loan company to get financial support until they get what they truly deserve.

Our process is fast; as soon as you apply, we contact your attorney to understand the amount we can approve. This doesn’t take long, and after determining it, we send you an overnight check or wire the money into your bank account.

Here is the list of documentation that can help evaluate the case value for motorcycle accident lawsuit loan:

  • Police report showing the defendant’s liability.
  • Medical records such as operative reports, MRI reports, ER reports, etc.
  • Copy of complaint and expert reports.
  • Defendant’s insurance information, including policy limits.

We provide non-recourse funding, which means you ONLY PAY US IF YOU WIN. In case you DON’T WIN YOUR CASE, YOU OWE US NOTHING!

Our lawsuit loan program includes Rates As Low As 2% a month!

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