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Gain Closure with Lawsuit Funding for Boy Scout Lawsuits

The survivors of Boy Scout sexual abuse file lawsuits for compensation for what happened to them so they can put it behind them.

These lawsuits take time and life continues, and people need to pay their bills. Direct Legal Funding understands what the victim is going through and provides lawsuit loans to help them until they receive their settlement.

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What Are The Factors For The Approval Process Of Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Loans?

When evaluating your lawsuit loan request, our team will NOT be looking into your finances or credit score. We will be working exclusively with your attorney and documentation provided to analyze your case.

Here are some of the factors that we consider to make a funding decision:

  • Strength of claim
  • Expected duration
  • The amount you expect in a settlement

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How Can This Lawsuit Funding Help You?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has faced many lawsuits from former scouts who claim scout leaders and volunteers victimized them. Survivors often struggle throughout their lives with a range of emotional and psychological injuries as a result.

They deserve justice so that these abuse victims can get compensation for this horrible tragedy in their lives. Pre-settlement funding can help survivors of sexual abuse pay their bills until their case is settled.

As per the recent ongoing Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case, attorneys have reached a tentative settlement under one of the organization’s largest insurers to contribute $800 million. This payment will bring the cash amount to more than $2.6 billion in the proposed trust, making it the enormous sexual abuse settlement in the U.S.

Some areas that pre settlement loans legal funding can affect are:

  • Helping with paying for psychological counseling to cope with this abuse
  • Spending money on necessities like food, fuel, medication
  • Help in making rent or mortgage payments
  • Cash flow problems because you have been out work dealing with these issues

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The lawsuit against Boy Scouts of America takes some time to conclude as they handle their bankruptcy filing and establish a fund for abuse survivors.

We understand that these cases can take some time, which is why we want to work with you and your attorney to come up with a viable legal funding solution today.

Direct Legal Funding provides you with the funding you need in as little as 24 hours after approval.

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