What Does It Mean For You With The Ongoing Boy Scout Litigation Process?

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The Boy Scouts of America is one of the most prominent organizations and has an estimated membership ranging between 1 million to 2.3 million people. But like most prominent institutions, it had its share of problems, including sexual abuse cases dating back to when they first began accepting boys as members through 1991, according to The Washington Times’ article “Scouts Honor.”

They are facing a staggering number of lawsuits for sexual abuse. So, they filed bankruptcy in Delaware to combat this, which gave the organization protection against financial uncertainty while also providing compensation to victims through funds set aside from its membership fees over time. One of the largest insurers of the organization has agreed to contribute a tentative settlement of $800 million according to the latest progress in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case. This payment will raise the proposed trust amount to $2.6 billion, the largest sexual abuse settlement in the U.S.

It’s natural to face financial crises when facing these trying and challenging lawsuit cases. Lawsuit loans help you pay your essential living expenses and more. Whether you are in the midst of the litigation process or have been affected by this issue but are unable to file your case, it’s natural you will have several unresolved questions. 

4 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers On How You Can Move Forward

Can You Still Make Your Claim Against The Boy Scouts of America?

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy to start the process by setting up a trust that will be set up to compensate all the victims. 

The United States Bankruptcy Court in the Delaware District has set a deadline for victims to file claims against Boy Scouts. Unfortunately, the 5 pm eastern on November 16, 2020, has come and passed. As a result, it’s too late to file the claim against the Boy Scouts of America in their Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case. However, you can hire local counsel and petition the Court for an exemption with a good enough explanation to sway them to accept your petition.

What’s the voting process for the settlement in the ongoing Boy Scout lawsuit process?

If you filed a claim yourself, the BSA and its agents have your current address. Then, the documents will reach you to vote on any plans they send over. But, again, it is best to work with your lawyer and consult before deciding how to vote. 

The vote is not just about you – the Torts Claimants’ Committee controls a significant block of votes. So even if your plan gets approved, it can still fail with their opposition, and they’ll have more power to shape legislation moving forward.

What Do You Need To Know About Boy Scout Sexual Abuse?

How Long Will This Process Take?

The Boy Scout of America has negotiated with various parties to ensure that victims are compensated as soon and reasonably possible. However, there is no specific timetable for when these negotiations will be finished, though it’s expected they’ll continue until all the involved groups can agree on what should happen next- which might take some time.

The Boy Scouts of America has a tough decision about whether or not it should continue with its traditional program. The main issue for the organization comes down to what assets are used, how much insurance coverage applies and if any indemnity is paid between BSA’s national office to keep local councils afloat while they figure this out.

Can You File A Case Against Other Entities?

Yes, you can pursue claims against the BSA. As of now, a bankruptcy filing does not affect your options for pursuing legal action against local councils and sponsoring organizations and other individuals, including abusers themselves. However, lawsuits must be filed due to applicable state statute limitations on time frames. Consult with an experienced lawyer to understand the details about possible outcomes.

The statute of limitations for child abuse is different in every state and will depend on your age when it happened. Additionally, some states are drafting legislation to revive barred or expired cases if the victim was a minor when they were victimized.

Final Thoughts

It’s a long and windy road for the Boy Scouts of America, but it looks like they’re finally coming to an end. If you’ve had any run-ins with this organization that led your child to be sexually abused or molested, now is your chance to come forward and get justice. Unfortunately, the process is complicated because multiple entities are involved in the settlement claim. 

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