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Construction workers are a part of one of the most dangerous industries in the US. This is especially the case in New York. Almost every day in the state, a construction worker is killed or injured. Manhattan is one of the hotspots for construction accidents in NY.

Examples of Construction Accidents in Manhattan and throughout New York City 

  • In February 2019, as many as 9 workers suffocated from carbon monoxide poisoning while shoring framework in a Manhattan cellar. They had to be hospitalized. Ten workers reported injuries. 
  • In April 2019, a crane counterweight weighing 7.5 tons fell from its resting spot on two workers. One died, and the other was injured. 
  • In August 2019, five workers were injured, and one was killed when a badly braced framing stage fell while a four-story building was being constructed in the Bronx.
  • In November 2019, four workers got injured due to the collapse of a scaffolding deck on the 17th floor within a construction site.

A study found that from January 2015 until December 2019, at least 59 construction workers died, and 3,045 workers were injured as a result of construction accidents in New York City.

Manhattan accounts for the largest number of construction accidents in NYC

Many of the serious accidents at construction sites in NYC in recent years have happened in the Manhattan borough. From 2015 to 2019, Manhattan alone accounted for over 60% of injuries from construction site accidents, and 52% of fatalities.

This is unsurprising, considering that Manhattan has a large number of workers and a high volume of construction projects. At present, Manhattan has several large-scale construction projects in various developmental stages.

Around 158,336 additional construction permits were issued (a total of 436,808) during the study period from 2015 to 2019, compared to Brooklyn, the borough right next to it, which had 278,472 permits. 

By adjusting the numbers according to the number of issued permits, we find that there is twice the number of injuries and accidents per permit in Manhattan, compared to the closest borough nearby.

Observing the total number of injuries on a construction project and the location of each injury, it was found that out of 25 projects that had the most injuries and accidents, as many as 18 were located in Manhattan.

What is the duration for lawsuit settlement of a construction injury in Manhattan? According to the figures published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of all the industries, the construction industry had the greatest number of fatalities in NYC in 2020. Claims from construction injuries can be complex and large-scale. Many factors affect how long it will take to reach the settlement in the case of a construction injury case in Manhattan. 

What factors affect the duration to settle a lawsuit for construction injury in Manhattan?

Severity of injuries

Attorneys dealing in construction accidents in Manhattan, New York, often suggest that their clients work in close alignment with professionals in the medical care practice. This helps their clients receive a thorough diagnosis, as well as proper monitoring of the injury recovery process. It’s crucial that you stick to your rehabilitation or doctor appointments. Thorough medical care enables a proper understanding of the true extent of the injuries. 

Size and scale of the defendant

Large organizations have many resources at their disposal to fight personal injury claims. Accusations of negligence can ruin the reputation of a large corporation, hindering business opportunities in the future as well. Due to this reason, if a large organization is involved in a personal injury claim, the case can last much longer compared to if a smaller organization was involved.

The extent of damages claimed

The value of the claim will be higher in case of the injured construction worker has suffered extensive injuries or was killed. In such cases, defendants, as well as their insurance agencies, will fight harder to ensure the defendant is absolved of all liabilities.

In many cases, they will try to place the majority of the liability on the plaintiff. For instance, construction personal injury cases dealing with wrongful death or permanent disability will generally have a much higher claim compared to cases with injuries in which the victim is expected to make a full recovery. 

Clarity of fault determination

Manhattan lawyers dealing with construction accidents often handle cases where multiple negligent parties are involved. In such cases, it can take much longer to settle the case, especially if there are multiple lawsuits involved. In the case of a third party such as an equipment manufacturer that is involved, a product liability case may also need to be filed against the defendants.

What are Manhattan lawsuit loans for construction accidents?

Construction lawsuit loans in Manhattan, New York, provide injured victims as well as their families with much-needed financial access at the time of protracted litigation. Lengthy cases can be a financial drain on anyone. If you are fighting a construction injury or accident claim in Manhattan, NY, you need temporary financial relief. 

Construction lawsuit loans are designed to provide for everyday expenses, to ensure your family doesn’t have to suffer during your fight for compensation. Manhattan lawsuits for a construction injury can often take a long time to settle. Even the most straightforward case can take a few months before reaching an agreement.

Receive urgent funding through construction lawsuit loans in Manhattan

Sometimes the construction workers in Manhattan, New York may need to file for workers’ compensation or a personal injury lawsuit to receive financial aid during recovery from the work-related injury. Based on this, the funds can often be delayed and may not cover all medical expenses. 

Construction lawsuit loans help you receive emergency cash while you are waiting for the workers’ compensation claim to be processed. You don’t need to wait for an unpredictably long period of time to receive construction lawsuit loans in Manhattan. You can use this money to pay back medical bills and cover your household expenses. 

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