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Getting involved in a car accident in El Paso, TX can be a traumatic experience. The resultant pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income can worsen the situation. You might need pre-settlement financial help to cover the mounting medical costs and general household expenses when you are injured and away from work. El Paso car accidents can inflict serious physical and emotional damage, and you may need a cash advance on your car accident case in this time of crisis.

What is a lawsuit loan for car accidents in El Paso, Texas?

A personal injury lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX is available to those involved in an auto collision occurring due to another party’s negligence. A pre-settlement litigation loan isn’t really a loan in the technical sense, but a cash advance that will be based on your estimated future settlement value.

Car collisions can be seriously damaging and expensive. The settlement can take years. The longer the prospect of receiving a settlement, the more you might be tempted to accept a lower settlement offer from the at-fault party. In this situation, a car accident lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX gives you the financial support you need to cover your costs while you pursue your maximum rightful settlement.

Statistics related to car accidents in El Paso

In 2020, there were 12,483 car crashes in El Paso alone. As many as 135 people sustained serious injuries, while 55 people were killed in these car accidents. A large number of El Paso crashes were triggered by speeding drivers, or drivers not attentive to the road while driving. Drunk driving also played a role in several of these accidents.

Dangerous intersections located in El Paso

Traffic in El Paso is always too busy, and there is a significant risk of accidents. The far eastern part of El Paso has the highest number of car wrecks. The area around Joe Battle is especially dangerous. The three most dangerous intersections in El Paso, TX area:

  • Montwood and Joe Battle
  • N. Zaragoza and Joe Battle
  • Edgemere and Joe Battle

The Montwood and Joe Battle intersection was cited as the most dangerous intersection across all of Texas. This was based on a study conducted by a law firm in Houston after analyzing four years of car collision data obtained from TxDOT.

Leading medical centers and hospitals in El Paso, Texas

  • Medical center at Las Palmas
  • Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital, El Paso
  • The LTAC Hospital, El Paso
  • Foundation Surgical Hospital, El Paso
  • Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Providence East Campus & Tenet Healthcare Hospitals

Key reasons for car accidents in El Paso, Texas

Distracted driving

The number one reason for car accidents in El Paso is distracted driving. Distracted drivers do not have their full attention present on the road. They could be focused on their cell phone, a co-passenger, or even a message on a billboard. Remember, if you are driving, your main job is to ensure that you reach your destination safely. Distracted drivers have usually been driving long distances and believe they can multitask. Never allow yourself to believe this mindset.


Many drivers rush past us on highways, even at higher speeds than us. People often drive 15, 10, or even 20 miles over the posted speed limit. The faster the speed, the lesser will be the time to react. If you happen to be driving 20 miles over the speed limit, preventing a car accident would be quite difficult.

Drunk driving

Persons who drink and drive represent a danger not just to themselves but also to others around them. Cognitive functions and senses are dulled when you drink. Reaction times get slower, and your decision-making abilities get compromised. Make sure to find someone sober to take you home if you are drunk.

Reckless driving

Examples of reckless driving include cutting other drivers off, tailgating, and weaving in and out of traffic. All of these can cause severe car accidents. If you see someone driving this way, keep a distance and be careful when you drive. You cannot make a reckless driver drive safely. So, it is best to protect and keep yourself safe. Based on this, you should report the driver.

Bad weather

Bad weather such as snowstorms or heavy rain can create dangerous situations for driving. Water can create slippery roadways, and your car could slide without any warning. If you are in a rainstorm, be sure to drive more carefully. You can have a misconception that your car tires are adhering properly to the ground, but on a slippery road, there is no telling. Be sure to drive more slowly. With cold weather and snow, the road could form ice on it, and this could cause the car to slide if you need to apply the brakes suddenly.

Running intersections

Running through stop signs and red lights can be a major reason for car accidents. Red lights indicate the driver has to stop. Yellow light means you need to slow down, and not immediately speed up waiting for the light to turn green. Many people get tempted to run stop signs in the vicinity of their homes, but you don’t have to do this. You can wait 10 seconds more if it means saving your life.

Improper turns

Make sure to be in the proper car lane, according to your destination of travel. If you are in the straight lane and want to take a turn, be sure to keep driving straight. You can turn around the block later, in a parking lot or someone else’s driveway. That is much safer compared to cutting lanes.

Get your lawsuit cash advance from Direct Legal Funding until your El Paso, TX car accident settlement comes through

Car accidents can be a harrowing experience. Settlement durations can vary from months to even years. You don’t have to keep waiting without money until you receive your rightful settlement. At Direct Legal Funding, we try to provide you with El Paso, car accident settlement loans in as little as 24 hours, with no credit checks needed. No need to wait. Just fill out our online application form or call us at 866-941-5588 for pre-settlement funding assistance.