Sexual Abuse

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Sexual Abuse

Get Legal Funding to Fight Your Battle & Win!

There is no amount of money or legal recourse that can heal the trauma of sexual abuse. However, survivors have the right to deserve justice and compensation. Nevertheless, such legal battles take ages to reach a verdict.

Direct Legal Funding stands with you and offers the financial backing to strengthen your resolve to get justice. In addition, this funding helps sexual abuse survivors cover their expenses instead of waiting for the compensation amount.

How Does A Lawsuit Loan Help You In Your Sexual Abuse Cases?

Legal funding is the secure and hassle-free way to get cash for your payments and expenses while you wait for your attorney to negotiate the fair settlement amount. Additionally, it helps you pursue your case, even if it stretches for a long time.

The added advantage is that this lawsuit funding is non-recourse. It means the most we take as repayment for this funding is the collateral or agreed-upon portion of your settlement package. There are no hidden terms and conditions. It just gets better!

On top of it, you are not personally responsible for the repayment. Hence it ensures that we do not touch your finances.

Do You Have to Pay Any Interest?

Yes, there is some interest that you have to pay on the funding amount. However, at Direct Legal Funding, we offer market-competitive interest rates.

Moreover, we only charge a simple interest rate, which means the interest is calculated on the original loan amount rather than accumulating interest.

What Happens If You Lose Your Case?

Unfortunately, not all survivors get the justice they deserve. However, we understand what you are already going through and do not want to add the lending repayment amount to your woes post-lawsuit.

Direct Legal Funding removes all these risks in such lending arrangements. You Do Not Have To Pay Back Even A Single Penny if you get no compensation at the end of your lawsuit.

Litigation Financing for Sex Abuse Civil Suits

Lawsuits, including sexual abuse civil suits, are complex and time-consuming. Given the personal nature of these lawsuits, the feelings stirred up and arguments made during the course of the case can seem overwhelming. In addition to dealing with the injustice afforded them, sexual abuse victims may also need to tackle financial difficulties while waiting for their lawsuits to go through the cogs of the legal process.

Pre-settlement funding may be just the solution you are looking for to address your financial needs if you have a pending sexual abuse civil suit. Direct Legal Funding can help you with financial assistance while you recover from the physical and emotional trauma suffered. The money you receive can be used towards medical expenses, living expenses, and other things while you await the outcome of your lawsuit.

Sexual assault and abuse are all too common. Direct Legal Funding has considerable experience providing lawsuit loans to victims of sexual abuse. We understand your needs and are here to help you through these difficult times.

Child Sexual Predators That Can be Held Liable

In most cases of child sexual abuse or assault, the perpetrator is usually someone who is known to the child or is related to them. This can be a family member, religious leader, family friend, teacher, care provider, or community leader. Besides individual sex abusers, there are also institutions and organizations that can be held accountable and responsible for child sexual abuse. This includes:

  • The Catholic Church
  • The Mormon Church
  • The Boy Scouts
  • Day Care Centers
  • Private or Public Schools
  • Sports Clubs or Leagues (including NCAA coaches)
  • Foster Care Homes
  • Youth Organizations

Religious Sexual Abuse by a Priest or a Clergyman

When trusted religious leaders, such as a priest or clergyman commit sexual abuse, the victim undergoes the worst form of emotional, psychological, and physical trauma as a result of having their profound faith violated.

If you were the victim of sexual assault, abuse, unwanted touching, or molestation by a religious school employee, local church employee, or a religious leader, you may be eligible for filing a lawsuit to obtain rightful compensation. And if you have a viable legal case, you can also apply for a lawsuit cash advance with Direct Legal Funding.

Sexual Abuse in Prison

Correctional officers can leverage their power to sexually manipulate inmates into submission. They may file or threaten misbehavior reports or promise commodities from the outside. Lack of appropriate remedies, the disempowered position of inmates, and fear of retaliation often result in incidents of prison sexual abuse going unreported. If you are in the process of filing a claim for damages as a victim of prison sexual abuse, you can get money before your settlement (lawsuit cash advance) through Direct Legal Funding.

Sexual Abuse in Schools and University

Sexual assault and abuse occur in universities, schools, and other educational institutions as a result of failure to provide adequate student protection and safety. If you are the victim of sexual abuse at a school or university, there is a good chance that you can hold the institution liable for damages by proving that their negligence created the conditions for the act to occur.  

You could file a lawsuit against the sexual offender and institution to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve while also receiving a pre-settlement loan from Direct Legal Funding until your case is settled.

Sexual Abuse at Hospitals

Hospital staff members and medical professionals are in a position to engage in unwanted sexual contact with their patients. This can be during a medical examination or while the patient is incapacitated, weak, sedated, or sick. If negligence was involved, you can hold the hospital management along with the offending hospital staff and doctors liable for damages.

Survivors of a medical center or hospital sexual abuse have a right to file a lawsuit for pursuing maximum compensation. Once you file a lawsuit, you can apply for a loan against the pending lawsuit settlement through Direct Legal Funding.

2021 – Prison Inmate’s Rape in New Jersey

In October 2021, the scandal-plagued New Jersey prison for women added another rape to its long list when a senior correctional officer was charged with the alleged sexual assault of an inmate. The 28-year-old corrections officer, Tyrell Harris-McLaughlin, was arrested from the troubled Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women on charges of official misconduct and sexual assault.

The US Department of Justice scathingly said that New Jersey has failed in its attempts to put an end to rampant sexual abuse at its only women’s prison despite the conviction of several employees and decades of documented problems.

Federal investigators inspected the disturbing incident at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in Hunterdon County. They found that many corrections officers forced prisoners into sexual acts. In fact, prison inmates referred to the abuse at the correctional facility as an “open secret.”

Between 2016 and 2019, at least one vocational instructor, one civilian employee, and five corrections officers have pled guilty or were convicted on charges related to sexual abuse. 

Recoverable Damages in Sexual Abuse Claims

Under the law, sexual assault and abuse are considered civil as well as criminal offenses. If you were sexually abused by someone, you can recover damages for losses such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Emotional trauma and distress

Besides the perpetrator, you can also sue the parties that supported or enabled the perpetrator’s actions or tried to cover up the actions. In addition, you may also sue public and private institutions that had the authority and the duty to prevent the abuse but failed to do so.

Eligibility for a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Loan

To be eligible for sexual abuse settlement personal injury loans, you need to have your attorney’s cooperation and approval to seek help from the legal funding company. Once you qualify for the sexual abuse pre-settlement loan, the lender will provide you with an instant cash advance against the civil lawsuit to pay for your daily expenses, urgent bills, and anything else you want to spend the money on.

Legal financing is provided to victims so that they don’t need to worry about paying for their groceries, food, utility, medical bills, rent, and meeting any other expenses they may have. Your financial pressures may compel you to accept an undervalued or unfair settlement amount. A timely lawsuit cash advance will help you pursue your case for maximum compensation.

Apply For Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Funding within Seconds

Direct Legal Funding can help you pay your bills without taking on any unnecessary financial burdens while you await a personal injury settlement. Our pre-settlement loans with low-interest rates are designed to let victims and their families wait for a fair settlement during negotiations or through a trial verdict. You can qualify for sexual abuse civil litigation funding within just a few minutes. Take the first step towards getting back on track with your finances by applying online or by phone.

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