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Each year thousands of people suffer from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents relate to when a person trips or falls on someone else’s property, such as a public street, business, store, private home, or any other place.

A slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries, causing prolonged pain and suffering and loss of income. Finalizing your settlement with the defendants can take a long time, and a lawsuit loan in the Bronx can help you with the expenses during the intervening period.

Steps to obtain a slip and fall lawsuit loan in the Bronx, NY

A lawsuit loan is not a strict loan per se. It relies on the future settlement as collateral. Hence, there is no need for credit checks or financial assets. The process is quite simple as long as you have a client-focused legal funding company to help you borrow money from your lawsuit. Here are the simple steps to apply for a slip and fall lawsuit cash advance:

  • Fill out the online application form provided on the pre-settlement loan company website
  • Apprise your personal injury attorney about your settlement funding application and enlist their help to complete the process
  • Wait for the lawsuit funding team to review your application
  • Once approved, you can receive the money in 24 hours

Statute of limitations for slip and fall injury cases in New York

According to New York Civil Practice Laws & Rules section 214, anyone injured in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property needs to get their lawsuit filed against the property owner within 3 years. The time starts from the date of the accident.

State laws regarding settlement loans in the Bronx, NY

As per the New York State Bar Association, attorneys are not allowed to provide funding to the plaintiff directly. However, they are free to assist their clients to obtain a lawsuit cash advance from third parties.

Past slip and fall injury court cases in the Bronx, New York

One prominent slip and fall injury case involved a victim who was walking on an IRT #2 train platform in the Bronx, NY when she fell on a patch of ice. She sustained injury and medical expenses. The platform was owned by the New York City Transit Authority and during the trial, the jury unanimously found the defendant to be negligent. As a result, the plaintiff received $500,000 for future pain and suffering and $150,000 for past pain and suffering.

In another case, a 55-year-old woman was shopping at a renowned pet store located in Manhattan, NY. She tripped and fell over a protruding shelf on the aisle section. She sustained a shoulder fracture, which required surgical intervention. She was able to receive a settlement of $650,000.

The largest settlement for a slip and fall personal injury case in New York was $16.5 million. The plaintiff fell down an MTA subway staircase and suffered severe brain damage.

Statistics on slip and fall accidents in New York

Falls account for more than 8 million emergency hospital room visits in the US, out of which slips and falls account for 1 million of such hospital visits. Fractures are one of the most serious consequences of slip and fall accidents.

They occur in 5% of all people who fall. Fall-related injuries are the major cause of hospitalization for children aged between 0 to 14 years, and adults aged 25 years and above. The average settlement for a slip and fall case in New York is under $790,000.

The average time it takes to get a lawsuit loan in the Bronx, NY

The process of getting lawsuit funding in the Bronx, NY is quite simple, provided you have an experienced and resourceful pre-settlement loan company on your side. It could take as little as 24 hours to borrow money from your lawsuit after your online application is approved. With that said, some factors may impact the approval times.

Factors that can delay the process

  • Failure to provide complete information regarding the slip and fall case
  • Not providing complete evidence showing negligence of the property owner
  • Not furnishing required documentation on time to the attorney

Factors that can expedite the loan

  • Proactively offering all documentation to the attorney
  • Furnishing any and all information required to support your claim in the slip and fall case
  • Anticipating any future documentation required, and providing the same in advance

Dangerous roads/intersections of NY

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere and anytime. Pertaining to this, intersections are a particularly risky location for such accidents to occur. Some of the most dangerous intersections in the Bronx, NY include Major Deegan Expressway. and W Fordham Rd, Bruckner Blvd. and East 144th St., Mosholu Parkway, Cross Bronx Expressway, and Bellamy Loop and Coop City Blvd.

Hospitals and medical centers in the Bronx, NY

If you have suffered a slip and fall in the Bronx, NY, you need to rush to a hospital or medical center immediately. Timely care is vital for quick recovery. Some of the major hospitals and medical centers include the Lincoln Hospital, New York Presbyterian medical center, BronxCare Health System, and BronxCare Hospital Center.

The average medical cost of a slip and fall-related injury in New York

Fall-related injuries add billions in annual hospitalization costs in the state of New York. Non-fatal falls account for $29 billion, which is paid by Medicare. Medicaid pays around $9 billion for these fall-related injuries, while $12 billion is paid out-of-pocket or by private payers. Falls among the older adults in NYC cost as much as $722 million each year.

Emergency Department (ED) visits in NYC for older adults cost $53 million each year. The average rate of falls increases among older adults, while the severity of injuries decreases. Men are at a greater risk of fall-related deaths compared to women (33 men vs. 22 women per 100,000 adults aged 65 years and older). Brooklyn residents tend to be at the lowest risk, while Staten Island residents are at the highest risk for fall-related deaths.

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