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Get Legal Funding To Fight Your Battle & Win!

There is no amount of money or legal recourse that can heal the trauma of sexual abuse. However, survivors have the right to deserve justice and compensation. Nevertheless, such legal battles take ages to reach a verdict.

Direct Legal Funding stands with you and offers the financial backing to strengthen your resolve to get justice. In addition, this funding helps sexual abuse survivors cover their expenses instead of waiting for the compensation amount.

How Does A Lawsuit Loan Help You In Your Sexual Abuse Cases?

Legal funding is the secure and hassle-free way to get cash for your payments and expenses while you wait for your attorney to negotiate the fair settlement amount. Additionally, it helps you pursue your case, even if it stretches for a long time.

The added advantage is that this lawsuit funding is non-recourse. It means the most we take as repayment for this funding is the collateral or agreed-upon portion of your settlement package. There are no hidden terms and conditions. It just gets better!

On top of it, you are not personally responsible for the repayment. Hence it ensures that we do not touch your finances.

Do You Have To Pay Any Interest?

Yes, there is some interest that you have to pay on the funding amount. However, at Direct Legal Funding, we have interest rates as low as 2%.

We only charge a simple interest rate, which means the interest is calculated on the original loan amount rather than accumulating interest.

Why Direct Legal Funding?

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What Happens If You Lose Your Case?

Unfortunately, not all survivors get the justice they deserve. However, we understand what you are already going through and do not want to add the lending repayment amount to your woes post-lawsuit.

Direct Legal Funding removes all these risks in such lending arrangements. You Do Not Have To Pay Back Even A Single Penny if you get no compensation at the end of your lawsuit.

Get Funding For Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Today!

You can easily apply through our online process by filling out a simple application form with information about your case.

Direct Legal Funding has an acceptance rate of more than 90%, and you can cover all your expenses such as medical bills, daily expenses, legal fees, and more. Additionally, there are No Hidden Charges.

You can reach out to us at 866-941-5588 to know more about this! We will connect you with one of our experts through the process.

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