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At Direct Legal Funding, we strive to provide the best services to provide you with affordable lawsuit and settlement loans.

It is hard these days to find someone that will take any case on, but we are dedicated to taking as many cases as possible compared to anyone else in the field. Lawsuit loans give many people the opportunity to continue on with their settlement even if they do not have the complete funds to pay fees, everyday expenses, or are just overall struggling financially to carry on with their lawsuit.

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Direct Legal Funding provides affordable lawsuit cash advance loans in Connecticut. These loans can be used to cover any expenses that arise throughout the settlement or lawsuit process. Apply today and find out if your eligible for one of our Connecticut cash advance lawsuit loans in a matter of hours!


Settlement Loans in Connecticut

Do you live in Connecticut and are in need of assistance with a lawsuit loan? Look no further than Direct Legal Funding for your Connecticut lawsuit loan needs. We specialize specifically in assisting individuals with loans when facing a lawsuit. We know that the whole lawsuit process is long and expensive, and we’re here to quickly provide an efficient loan process, so you can finance your lawsuit quickly and efficiently.

We provide a variety of services to help the people of Connecticut in times of need. We provide lawsuit cash advance loans to plaintiffs with the following cases:

  • Car Accidents
  • Jones Act
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Personal injury claims
  • Burn victims
  • Verdicts on appeal
  • Workers compensation
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Negligence cases
  • And much more

Connecticut Lawsuit Regulations

The state of Connecticut uses a modified comparative fault 51% rule”. This rule states:

  • An injured party is only subject to damage compensation if the plaintiff’s fault does not reach more than half or 51%.
  • If it is ruled that the plaintiff is only responsible for less than half of the fault, then the injured party can recover compensation from damages.

This means that in the state of Connecticut if you’re more than 50% responsible, you will not receive compensation for your injuries or damages.


Insurance Minimums in the State of Connecticut

Vehicles registered within Connecticut must have liability insurance with at least 20/40/10 coverage. These numbers represent the minimum levels of liability coverage.

Connecticut’s insurance minimums are average for states in the U.S. These insurance minimums can easily be exhausted in an extensive crash, leaving victims with a pile of medical bills and damage costs.

Connecticut is a strict state when it comes to auto accidents. In order for an individual’s insurance company to pay for any damages that transpired the driver must first be proven responsible for causing the accident. Direct Legal Funding extends lawsuit loans, legal loans, and lawsuit funding throughout Connecticut including:

  • Hartford
  • Bridgeport
  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • New Haven
  • Wilton
  • Danbury
  • And many other cities throughout Connecticut


Why Direct Legal Funding Connecticut Settlement Loans?

In many cases, it can take a long time for an individual to resolve a lawsuit. Direct Legal Funding offers pre-settlement funding or lawsuit cash advance loans to help you receive the money you need ahead of time to fund your case. From personal injury cases to car accidents, Direct Legal Funding offers the resources you need to carry on with your lawsuit.

With Direct Legal Funding you’ll receive:

  • The LOWEST rates – as low as 2%
  • Non-recourse cash advance loans
  • No monthly payments
  • Eligibility assessment within 24 hours

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Is It Safe To Get Legal Funding?

Of course, it’s risk-free! This funding is not like other typical loans. If you don’t win the case, you Don’t Owe Us A Penny and walk free. Direct Legal Funding provides you funding at the lowest interest rate of just 2%.

You can fill out our APPLY NOW free application form to reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with the much-needed funds.

You can also contact us at 866-941-5588 if you have any questions. A professional from our expert team will guide you through the process.