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For the many people struggling with injury and other losses due to the use of Roundup and who have filed a claim for settlement, it may be possible to obtain lawsuit funding to help meet financial needs now.

Direct Legal Funding has made the decision to continue to support the needs of Roundup victims who have filed product liability lawsuits against the chemical manufacturer and others. Though the company has provided lawsuit funding prior for Roundup cases, there was a pause in their ability to fund these cases. However, new insight has allowed for Direct Lending Funding to resume providing this essential financial support to those who need it the most.

Who Qualifies for Funding for Roundup Lawsuits?

For those who are seeking financial compensation after suffering health complications, including cancer, as a result of exposure to Roundup, Direct Lending Funding encourages you to apply for lawsuit funding now. We work with many people facing these types of complications who may be waiting years to receive the settlement they are owed. In the meantime, consider the value of lawsuit funding.

If you suffered the development of cancer after the use of Roundup, you may be able to seek out financial compensation for your losses. Roundup, a type of weedkiller, was initially labeled as a product that was safe to use. However, a report issued in 2015 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer found that this chemical was a potential carcinogen. More specifically, it found that it could be responsible for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It is believed that the chemical’s glyphosate-based herbicides caused these cancers.

If you have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Roundup for losses like this, you may be able to obtain lawsuit funding through Direct Legal Funding.

Direct Legal Funding provides financial compensation through lawsuit funding in the following states:

  • Alabama
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  • Connecticut
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What Is Roundup and Its Background?

We encourage you to speak to your attorney about your ability to qualify to file a claim against Roundup’s manufacturer and what steps to take to prove loss. The following is some background on some of the lawsuits playing out today. Roundup is a product made to be used as a “safe” type of weedkiller. It was marketed as such by Monsanto, the maker of the product. Monsanto is now a division of Bayer. Many people have taken steps

to file lawsuits against these companies because they claim that the drug caused their injuries, including the development of cancers, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma and cancers related to it.

Some of the types of related cancers to the use of this chemical include:

  • Anaplastic large cell lymphoma
  • Mantel cell lymphoma
  • Mycosis fungoides
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
  • Sezary syndrome
  • Small lymphocytic lymphoma
  • Follicular lymphoma and hairy cell leukemia

The belief is that the presence of glyphosates in these products is what directly led to the onset of the cancers. There have been various studies that have noted a link between the development of cancer and glyphosate, though Bayer continues to state that there is evidence that this is not always the case.

Many people have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of the product because of failed communication about the risks that could occur when using this product. Lawsuits claim that the herbicide caused cancer and that there was no warning by the manufacturer about those cancer risks. This has led to class action lawsuits that claim that the company actively worked to deceive the public about how safe this product really was. Many people believe that there were internal notes and memos that documented this risk and that the company still did nothing to protect those who would be using and therefore put at risk of the development of cancer as a result.

You May Qualify for Lawsuit Funding If You Have Filed a Claim Against Roundup Manufacturers

Though there are some lawsuits that have moved through, with people being awarded thousands and even millions of dollars due to the losses they have experienced, Direct Lending Funding works with those still waiting for their case to be heard. The average amount plaintiffs can receive through lawsuits like this is between $50,000 and %250,000 for the damages they suffered. Direct Legal Funding offers loans of 50% of the client’s net settlement amount. This is based on what attorneys believe that the individual will receive once the lawsuit has moved through.

Direct Legal Funding does not use credit scores or other financial information to make decisions about who to lend to, nor does it pursue financial compensation if the lawsuit does not succeed in obtaining a settlement in favor of the individual.

How to Get Roundup Lawsuit Funding Now

Roundup lawsuit funding may be available to many individuals who are facing financial losses due to

medical conditions, including cancer. Direct Legal Funding requires individuals to apply directly with the company to obtain eligibility, which is dependent on the settlement they are likely to receive based on what their attorney communicates.

Individuals will learn how much they can obtain right away, and funding only takes a short amount of time. Key to this is that even if a case has not been settled yet and remains within the litigation process, the company can still offer a cash advance on the lawsuit. This can be critically important to victims who have the need for immediate compensation to maintain their health and continue funding their care after the development of their cancer or related complications due to Roundup exposure.

Applicants can apply online within a matter of minutes. There are representatives online who can offer the specific steps necessary to determine eligibility for receiving lawsuit funding through Direct Legal Funding.