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Personal injury lawsuits for victims of defective hernia mesh inserts may have substantial medical expenses that pile up while they are waiting for their settlement. Facing these bills, along with other daily costs and lost income, can be frustrating while negotiations or a trial take place. Instead of waiting months for payment, they can investigate how a hernia mesh lawsuit loan could benefit them right now.

At Direct Legal Funding, we offer solutions that are less risky than bank loans, credit card charges, or other options. You can receive a portion of your expected settlement within days of approval, with no worries if your case is not successful. Contact us today to learn how to apply and get started with medical device legal funding options.

What Is Hernia Mesh Failure?

Beginning as far back as the 1950s, hernia mesh was celebrated as a new way to repair and prevent hernias throughout the body. However, despite its promises, as many as 30% of patients suffer some sort of hernia mesh failure. Common issues with hernia mesh repair surgeries include:

  • Adhesion to surrounding tissues, making future repairs difficult
  • Bleeding
  • Bowel obstruction or perforation
  • Chronic pain
  • Infection at the surgery site
  • Mesh migration from the original site
  • Mesh shrinkage
  • Recurrence of the hernia, sometimes worse than the initial incident
  • Rejection of the mesh material

The mesh may also erode, tear, or fracture, leaving the patient open to additional medical problems. A hernia mesh failure could lead to more surgeries and expensive treatments in order to recover fully. This means more bills and a more valuable medical device claim, but waiting for that settlement can take many months.

Why Does Hernia Mesh Failure Happen?

Determining why your hernia mesh failed will be an important part of successfully managing your claim. Without proof of what happened and who is at fault, it can be difficult to identify the right liable parties. Hernia mesh failures can arise from a range of factors, including design issues, the surgeon’s experience, and the patient’s health.

Hernia mesh failures are estimated at between 12% and 30%, according to a publication in the British Medical Journal. That equals up to 170,000 patients with hernia mesh problems every year. This is an alarming statistic, considering that as many as one in ten people will develop hernias in their lifetime.

When a product is not properly designed, manufactured, tested, or labeled, it can lead to complications. In addition, failures can be caused by doctors who do not have enough training or experience implanting the devices. Finally, if the patient is not a good candidate but their healthcare providers still recommend the surgery, it can set the stage for problems that arise as soon as a few days after the operation.

Filing Your Hernia Mesh Failure Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have experienced complications related to your hernia mesh surgery, you may have a valid claim for compensation. The first step will be to speak with a personal injury attorney in your area who is knowledgeable about your state’s laws for medical device cases. They can help you determine who is at fault, how to proceed, and what your potential settlement could be.

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay their fees until they settle your case. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have bills while you wait for your case to be resolved. Your monthly expenses will still come in, you may miss work, and you likely have doctor bills that must be paid right away.

This is when your attorney can work with us at Direct Legal Funding so you can secure a pre-settlement lawsuit loan. This option is better than a credit card or bank loan because we charge very low interest rates, and we don’t require you to pay it back if you lose your case. Applying is easy, and your lawyer will ensure your loan is repaid after your case settles.

How Does a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Loan Work?

Our funding services allow you to receive a portion of your estimated settlement amount before your hernia mesh lawsuit is completed. Compared to other options, you don’t have to worry about excessive interest rates or fees. Our rates start at just 2% interest, and our fee structure is always clear.

A lawsuit loan is also called a non-recourse loan. This means you do not have to repay it if your case isn’t successful. Because we work with your attorney to determine the strength of your claim, we already expect to get repaid. This allows us to cover the costs of the times when we don’t.

Once you are approved, you can spend your hernia mesh lawsuit loan on anything you need: catching up on bills, supporting your family, or any other purpose. You are free to use the money however you choose, even if you do not win your case.

How Much Could You Expect to Receive in a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

While every case is different, hernia mesh lawsuits can be very valuable. Since patients suffer long-term or serious injuries when this medical device fails, payouts at the high end can be between $250,000 and $1 million. There have been some class-action lawsuits for specific mesh manufacturers, but these tend to have smaller compensation amounts since the full settlement is divided among hundreds or even thousands of victims.

Factors that can impact your hernia mesh failure settlement include:

  • What type of hernia mesh device is involved
  • How severe your injuries are
  • How much your medical bills are
  • How much income you lost
  • How your life has been affected

How Do You Apply for Hernia Mesh Legal Funding?

Applying for legal funding is simple and fast. You only need to complete our application form and let us take it from there. We send the agreement contract to you and your attorney for your signatures. You can choose wire transfer, direct deposit, Western Union, or overnight check.

The process goes like this:

  • Review the application form and gather the information you need.
  • Contact us by phone or use the online form to apply.
  • Inform your attorney that we will be contacting them.
  • Sign and return the document to agree to the loan terms.
  • Receive your funds and begin paying your bills.

You must be a party to a hernia mesh lawsuit, have a service agreement with a personal injury lawyer, and receive your attorney’s approval for the loan. We don’t perform a credit check or review your income level.

Apply for a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Loan Now

No matter where you are in the United States, Direct Legal Funding can help you receive a portion of your hernia mesh lawsuit settlement in the form of a pre-settlement loan. We are on your side, helping you get the money you need to stay afloat until your case is completed. Don’t wait any longer to watch bills pile up.

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