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How Long Does It Take to Get a Lawsuit Loan in El Paso, TX

Pre-settlement funding or a lawsuit loan is a type of settlement loan where you get a cash advance while waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to be finalized. You essentially receive a portion of the compensation you’re expecting to get once your case is settled (out of court) or reaches a verdict. The time it […]

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Construction Accident Lawsuit Loans in Brooklyn

Each year a large number of construction workers suffer from a personal injury in Brooklyn, New York. The construction industry provides direct or indirect employment to millions of people. Based on this, working on a construction site remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the US, with more than 150,000 construction accidents taking place […]

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How Long Does a Lawsuit Loan Take to Get in Gainesville, FL

Settlement loans in Gainesville can be an excellent alternative to help with expenses, as you wait for your lawsuit settlement money to arrive. Whether it is a personal injury case or some other matter, the litigation process can take months, if not years. Lawsuit funding can provide ready cash to help you with your current […]

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Car Accident Lawsuit Loan in Gainesville, FL

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury in Gainesville, FL. If you have suffered due to such an accident, waiting for the litigation to complete, and receiving the settlement amount can be a time-consuming and painstaking process. A lawsuit loan in Gainesville, FL can help you manage your existing expenses while you wait […]

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Car Accident Lawsuit Loans in The Bronx, NY

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in the Bronx, NY. If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, it can be a time-consuming process to receive the settlement from the litigation. In this situation, you can apply for a lawsuit loan […]

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Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Settlement Loans Available If you or someone you love was based at Camp Lejeune in NC between 1957 and 1987, which resulted in illness, side effects, and/or pain and suffering, you are entitled to seek financial damages through a class action suit or individual lawsuit. While your fight for justice in a case of […]

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Loans in The Bronx, NY

Nursing home abuse in the Bronx, NY typically occurs due to negligence of the staff or management in a long-term care facility. If you or a loved one has gone through such an experience, it can be a painful process to deal with the fallout. The litigation for nursing home negligence lawsuits itself can be […]

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Police Brutality Lawsuit Loans in The Bronx

Police brutality refers to when a police officer mistreats a civilian using their powers. There can be several types of police brutality such as: Threatening Verbal abuse Assault and battery False arrest Intimidation Harassment Murder and attempt to murder Racial comments Rape If you or a loved one has been a subject of police brutality, […]

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Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans in The Bronx, NY

Each year thousands of people suffer from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents relate to when a person trips or falls on someone else’s property, such as a public street, business, store, private home, or any other place. A slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries, causing prolonged pain and suffering […]

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