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Direct Legal Funding is your premier source for any legal funding needs. We provide affordable and quality lawsuit loans to the people of Kansas. Since we’ve worked in this industry for a very long time, we understand how expensive settlements can be. With legal fees and everyday expenses, the costs pile up and can even lead to bankruptcy.

To avoid any financial instability during a lawsuit, consider working with Direct Legal Funding. We dedicate our time and services to provide affordable lawsuit loans in Kansas. With Direct Legal Funding you’ll receive some of the lowest rates in the industry from a trusted nationwide provider.

For more information on our Kansas settlement loans, give us a call at 866-941-5588 today!

Lawsuit Loans in Kansas

At Direct Legal Funding we take pride in providing our services to countless Kansas residents across a variety of cases. No matter your case, we are dedicated to giving you the means to be financially secure throughout your lawsuit. We’ve worked with cases such as:

  • Product liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical and legal malpractice
  • Employment discrimination
  • And much more

If you’re struggling to make ends meet in any of these stated lawsuits, contact us today for more information on our affordable Kansas lawsuit loans!

Auto Accident Liability in Kansas

The state of Kansas follows a 50% modified comparative fault system. This means that you can only recover damages if you are proven 49% or less at fault. If you are half at-fault, or 50%, you will not receive any compensation for damages. This can cause large amounts of debt for some people. That’s where Direct Legal Funding can help.

Why Choose Us As Your Kansas Settlement Loans Provider?

That question is simple to answer. Direct Legal Funding is the most affordable and reliable option for lawsuit loans in the state of Kansas. Our low-rate lawsuit loans are easy to apply for and simple to understand. With Direct Legal Funding you can receive benefits such as:

  • Non-recourse cash advance loans
  • Eligibility assessment within 24 hours
  • Low rates – as low as 2%
  • No monthly payments
  • And much more

Reinstate your peace of mind with Direct Legal Funding Kansas cash advance settlement loans. Apply today and get your lawsuit loan assessment within 24 hours!

Is It Safe To Get Legal Funding?

Of course, it’s risk-free! This funding is not like other typical loans. If you don’t win the case, you Don’t Owe Us A Penny and walk free. Direct Legal Funding provides you funding at the lowest interest rate of just 2%.

You can fill out our APPLY NOW free application form to reach out to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with the much-needed funds.

You can also contact us at 866-941-5588 if you have any questions. A professional from our expert team will guide you through the process.