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Lawsuits in the state of Pennsylvania can be a huge expense. On top of legal fees, you’ll lose money from time taken off of work and other expenses. Seeking out a settlement can send you into crippling debt, but it doesn’t have to be this way…

If you’re struggling to pay bills in the midst of a lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania, there’s no need to give up. With lawsuit cash advance loans in Pennsylvania, you’ll never struggle to pay another legal fee again. Direct Legal Funding provides Pennsylvania cash advance lawsuit loans to people wishing to finish their settlement without breaking the bank. With our low-rate settlement loans, you’ll rest assured that you can continue on with your settlement.

Why Apply for a Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania has a few laws and regulations that could cause a large financial burden for anyone in the midst of a settlement. In regards to auto accidents, Pennsylvania operates under a “modified comparative fault 51% rule”. This states that if Party A is responsible for more than half of the fault, they will receive no compensation for damages. So if Party A caused 51% of the accident, they will not receive any damage compensation.

This law can send you into extreme debt if you’re the party at fault. That’s where Direct Legal Funding comes into play. We offer competitive low-rate lawsuit loans in the state of Pennsylvania to can cover any legal fees and added expenses that come about. We understand the huge financial burden that comes along with a lawsuit and we’re here to lessen that burden.

Direct Legal Funding Lawsuit Cash Advance in Pennsylvania

Direct Legal Funding has been providing the people of Pennsylvania with competitive low-rate lawsuit loans for years. We believe that no one should fall into crippling debt because of a lawsuit so we work to make sure that won’t happen. In the state of Pennsylvania, we offer:

  • Non-recourse cash advance
  • Low rates
  • No monthly payments
  • Eligibility assessment within 24 hours

With our Pennsylvania non-recourse cash advance lawsuit loans you’ll only pay back your loan if you win your case. If you lose you don’t pay back a dime. Therefore, there’s absolutely no risk involved. And if you do win, we offer rates that are some of the lowest in the business. So paying your loan back is always affordable.

No matter your case, Direct Legal Funding is prepared to supply you with the means to pay your bills. We offer lawsuit loans for a variety of cases in Pennsylvania including:

  • Auto accidents
  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical malpractice
  • Burn cases
  • Workers compensation
  • And much more

If you believe you would benefit from a cash advance lawsuit loan, reach out to Direct Legal Funding today. Our low-rate settlement loans will guarantee financial stability in the midst of any lawsuit.

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