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Surgical Lawsuit Funding: How It Benefits Attorneys & Their Clients?


Surgery funding is often a necessity for patients who have suffered through an unfortunate injury or accident and are waiting for the cash settlement of their case.

The severely injured victim in an accident can use this funding to receive the imperative medical treatment they desperately require. Surgery lawsuit funding covers all kinds of surgeries ranging from minimally invasive to complex procedures.

A few common surgeries that can benefit from this lawsuit funding, but not limited to this, are:

  • Scar & burn surgery
  • Amputation
  • Discectomy surgery
  • Neck surgery
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Laminectomy surgery
  • Dental oral surgery
  • Spine or back surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • Carpal tunnel release

Why Should You Opt for Surgery Lawsuit Funding?

  • You can get access to broader healthcare choices as the provider needs to accept medical liens.
  • You also have wiggle room to negotiate a compromise bill with cash upfront.
  • There are no risk and collection delays for the healthcare provider.

What Are The Benefits Of Surgical Funding?

An attorney understands the difficulties when dealing with insurance companies to get the necessary medical care for their client’s injury. Lawsuit funding can help them with the cash to pay for the mandatory medical treatment and surgery they require immediately to recover from permanent or severe injuries.

A few victims might not even have the health insurance coverage to pay the surgeon or no-fault benefits are exhausted or denied.

Surgical lawsuit funding is an easy and fast way for personal injury victims to get financial aid for the expenses and costs related to medically imperative surgical procedures.

Once your lawsuit funding is approved by Direct Legal Funding, your anesthesiologist, surgeon, and facility receive their payment before the surgery for the procedure.

We can also offer free settlement funding to personal injury victims to pay out their living expenses every month when they cannot work due to their injuries after the procedure.

How Can Surgical Lawsuit Funding Help You?


6 Documents That You Require For Surgery Lawsuit Funding

  • Proof of insurance and policy limits
  • Document supporting police report pr liability
  • Retainer
  • Medical treatment records/Medical necessity letter/MRIs
  • Invoice from facility surgeon and anesthesiologist


Why Does Your Attorney Suggest Choosing Surgery Lawsuit Funding?

Your attorney may suggest this funding to take care of your medical care expenses and it strengthens your case significantly to help you obtain a large settlement amount.

The victim doesn’t have to pay the surgery cost until the case is settled after reaching the maximum potential. Above all, if you do not win your case, you have to pay us nothing.

Direct Legal Funding helps pursue arbitration on behalf of the attorney’s client.



Do you need surgery because of someone’s carelessness or negligence? Are you worried about how you will pay for the medical care you require?

What should you do when you can’t cover the cost of the surgery that you need? Most plaintiffs of the surgical lawsuit are going through this dilemma. Surgical lawsuit funding is the answer to your worries.

Direct Legal Funding is one of the top lawsuit funding companies that comes to the aid of their clients in their difficult situations.

Contact us today at 866-941-5588 to get in touch with an expert team member to help you out through the process.

You can directly apply through our online application form to get started. Apply Today!


Can I Get A Lawsuit Loan On My Settled Roundup Case?

Yes, you can get a lawsuit loan on your settled Roundup lawsuit. This is one of the most common recent queries regarding lawsuit funding in the offices of legal funding companies today.

For example, you are waiting to receive your funds after your case has settled. You still have bills, a family to support, rent, and other living expenses that you need to take care of even after the long pursuit to reach the verdict in your favor.

You can easily qualify to receive part of your settlement in advance before going through the lengthy process of obtaining your lawsuit settlement funds. Direct Legal Funding is now offering a lawsuit cash advance on these settlements. 

What Is The Average Payout For A Roundup Lawsuit? 

According to estimates, the average amount plaintiffs can receive ranges from $50,000 to $250,000 for the damages of those who contracted non-Hodgkin lymphoma or other cancers as a result of using Roundup. The average plaintiff receives, on average, a settlement of $160,000.

Direct Legal funding provides up to 50% of the client’s net settlement from the roundup cases. For example, if you are going to receive $100,000 net, then Direct Legal funding can get you up to $50,000. 

If your case is not settled yet and is still in the litigation process, Direct Legal can still offer you a cash advance on your lawsuit.   The amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

How Can I Apply For Roundup Lawsuit Funding? 

You can apply for Roundup lawsuit funding by filling our online application form. Once you contact us by filling out the necessary information, one of our representatives will contact you with the next steps in the process.

You can apply for it by contacting us at 866-941-5588. 

Get Your Roundup Lawsuit Funding Today!

How To Acquire A Car Accident Lawsuit Loan In The State Of Maryland?

You may be wondering why you are having trouble finding a lawsuit funding company that provides lawsuit advances in the state of Maryland.

Direct Legal funding is now providing lawsuit loans in Maryland despite the harsh rule known as Contributory Negligence.

This rule means that if you are just 1% at fault in your accident, you do not have to be compensated by the other driver that was  99% at  fault. Many believe this is entirely unfair; however, this is the law in the state of Maryland.

What Are A Few Things You Need To Know Before You Apply For This Lawsuit Loan?

Direct Legal funding has decided to provide lawsuit funding in the state of Maryland despite this harsh law.

If you were a victim of a personal injury due to the 100% percent fault of another driver, Direct Legal Funding can provide lawsuit funding to you.

These are a few things you may need to be approved:

  • Police report or crash report
  • Medicals Records confirming your injury in the accident
  • Insurance information of the defendant.
  • Estimate of the outstanding medicals liens on your case

Importance of Having Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage

If you or your attorney can provide some or all of this information, Direct Legal Funding offers you lawsuit funding before the case resolution.

What Should You Choose Direct Legal Funding For Your Lawsuit Needs?

Our application process is free, and there is no risk to you. If you do not win your case, you owe us nothing!

Direct Legal Funding offers lawsuit advances on other types of cases as well, not just Car Accidents.

Whatever type of personal injury you suffered, whether it’s a Medical Malpractice or Slip and Fall, Direct Legal Funding will consider providing you the money you need.

You can get started with the lawsuit approval process by filling out our online application.

Are you having doubts? Don’t hesitate at all, and just get in touch with us right away at (866) 941-5588!

Apply For Car Accident Lawsuit Loans Today!