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Car Accidents in Baton Rouge, LA

Approximately 6 million vehicle collisions occur every year in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That comes down to over 11 accidents every minute and almost 16,500 every day. These accidents result in 2.35 million injuries and 37,000 deaths. Considering these statistics, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that we all know someone who has been in a car crash.

If you are in a similar situation right now, i.e., injured due to someone else’s reckless actions on the road, and waiting for a settlement, a no-risk lawsuit advance from Direct Legal Funding might be able to help.

Since car accident injury settlements can extend over several weeks, pre-settlement funding can help you get through financially tough times with ease.

How to Obtain Lawsuit Funding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, getting a pre-settlement loan is really easy. All you need to do is fill out the short online form or contact the lending company over the phone to start the process. They only need some basic information like yours and your attorney’s contact information to get started on your car accident loan.

Then the intake specialist will call you to chat about your claim. Next, they will call your attorney to request your case files – this step is crucial in helping the lender determine whether you should be approved for the lawsuit advance. The clearer your case is and the more chances you have of winning your case, the better your chances of securing pre-settlement funding.

If the lending provider figures out you have a decent chance of getting a settlement offer (or jury award if the case goes to court), they will approve your application and provide you with the lawsuit settlement loan you requested. They will send over a contract that will need to be signed by you and your attorney, and then deposit the cash in your bank account or send you an overnight check within 24 hours.

State Law Regarding Pre-Settlement Loans in Louisiana 

There are some unique elements regarding personal injury law and lawsuit funding in each state; the same is true for Louisiana.

Louisiana is a “comparative fault” state, which means anyone who sustains injury in an accident has their damages lowered by the percentage of “fault” (responsibility) they were found to have in the accident.

For example, if a negligent driver runs a red light and hits your car but you were also driving a bit over the speed limit, the court may decide that the crash was 10% your fault. So, if the damages are $30,000 in your case, you’d receive $27,000 (90% of $30,000).

You also need to have an attorney if you want to apply for a car accident loan in Louisiana. While you are legally entitled to file your own auto accident lawsuit, you can’t represent yourself if you want to obtain a lawsuit advance.

Previous Personal Injury Cases in Baton Rouge, LA

Car accidents can happen at any time, anywhere, no matter where you are. However, they have become alarmingly common on highways and interstates in Louisiana. Just last year, a Baton Rouge resident was riding in the backseat when the vehicle was violently hit in the rear by an 18-wheeler. His vertebra was severely fractured in five places, making him unable to lead a normal life in the future. He was awarded $2.12 million in damages.

Statistics on Car Accidents and Injuries in Baton Rouge, LA

Did you know that car insurance rates in Baton Rouge are about 47% higher compared to other areas in Louisiana because of the high number of vehicle collisions? East Baton Rouge is actually leading all parishes in the state in terms of fatal crashes. In 2021, a total of 247 people lost their lives in road accidents in East Baton Rouge alone.

The Orleans Parish used to have more traffic casualties, but ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, more people have died on roads in Baton Rouge than in any other city in Louisiana.

Average Time It Takes to Get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan in Baton Rouge, LA

As explained earlier, getting a lawsuit advance against your future settlement is an easy process, and most of that is handled by your attorney and the loan provider. Here at Direct Legal Funding, most of our applicants are approved within 48 hours of attorney verification. After the approval, you will usually get the car accident loan within 24 hours.

How to Expedite Your Pre-Settlement Loan Approval Process

Is there something you can do to make sure we process your application faster? Absolutely!

Look, at the end of the day, you can get lawsuit funding if you have a good lawsuit. To build a rock-solid case, you need to have a good lawyer on your side.

Choosing an experienced car accident lawyer can help you gain an increased amount of settlement. So, when we see that you’re working with a good lawyer, it gives us more confidence in your ability to win the claim.

Once you’ve got that covered, make sure your lawyer is expecting our call. They should have your case details on hand so the call goes smoothly, otherwise, it can take a few days to coordinate as lawyers are busy people.

One more thing: it goes without saying but make sure the other party (or parties) responsible for your injury have an insurance policy or other available assets for a settlement. If they don’t, might not qualify for the car accident loan. 

The Most Dangerous Roads in Baton Rouge for Drivers and Bicyclists

If you’ve lived here for a while, you have probably become used to the city’s busy traffic. Baton Rouge also happens to be the second deadliest city for drivers in the US, ranking behind Detroit. Research shows that the majority of accidents occur on the following roads:

  • Staring Lane from Highland Road to Perkins Road
  • Nicholson Drive
  • O’Neal Lane from Harrell’s Ferry Road & I-12
  • Burbank Drive from Lee Drive to Bluebonnet Drive
  • Highland Road from Perkins Road to Airline Highway

Leading Hospitals and Health Clinics in Baton Rouge for Car Accident Injuries

If you have been in any sort of vehicle crash, you should get checked out by a medical professional right away even though you don’t think you suffered any serious injuries. In many cases, accident injuries can be internal, which can only be diagnosed by a physician and advanced imaging tests.

You can visit any of the following centers in Baton Rouge to get a thorough physical examination and receive the right medical care:

  • Baton Rouge General – Bluebonnet
  • Baton Rouge General – Mid City
  • Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
  • Ochsner Medical Center
  • Promise Hospital of Baton Rouge
  • St Brendan Specialty Hospital
  • Sage Specialty Hospital
  • The Spine Hospital of Louisiana at the NeuroMedical Center

The Average Cost of Healthcare in Louisiana

The most affordable health insurance plan (Silver Plan) in Louisiana that covers dental and vision care for a single individual cost $669 per month, which is more than $8,000 per year. Healthcare is pretty expensive in the state compared to most other parts of the country and it’s not getting cheaper. Of course, this cost can get even higher when you need more complicated surgical care or rehabilitative care on an ongoing basis after being injured in an accident.  

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Bully You: Get a No-Risk Lawsuit Advance Within 24 Hours

If you are involved in a car accident injury lawsuit, and you’re struggling with paying rent or putting food on the table, fill out our application within a few minutes and you should receive your pre-settlement funding within a couple of days. A Direct Legal Funding lawsuit funding specialist will get back to you as soon as possible for a quick chat. 

Remember, the process is easy – we never check an applicant’s financial history, employment history, or credit score to determine their eligibility. All we need to give you the money is having retained an attorney and a good case. Call us at 866-941-5588 or send us a message online if you have any questions about how to obtain a pre-settlement loan.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan in Baton Rouge, LA?

Since civil lawsuits, such as employment law claims or personal injury claim cases, can take months or even years to reach a resolution, plaintiffs often struggle financially especially if their claim-related injury has rendered them unable to work.

If this sounds like you, getting a lawsuit advance or pre-settlement loan against your pending lawsuit can be a huge help. These loans are pretty straightforward to get – the lender doesn’t have to check your credit score or financial history to approve it.

They only need to determine how likely you are to win your claim. Once approved, you can get the lawsuit funding in as little as 24 hours. Examples of pre-settlement funding options that may be available to you include car accident loans, construction accident loans, and many others.  

For many of our clients, lawsuit settlement loans have helped them obtain a higher settlement from the at-fault party by taking the pressure off their lawyer to settle the case faster for a lowball offer.

How to Get Lawsuit Funding in Baton Rouge, LA

We can’t talk about other lawsuit settlement loan providers in Baton Rouge, but here at Direct Legal Funding, here’s the simple step-by-step process of applying for the pre-settlement advance:

Step 1: Call us or fill out the online form on our website to get started. We only need some basic information about yourself, your claim, and your attorney.

Step 2: We will consult with your lawyer to review your lawsuit.

Step 3: If our underwriters consider us a good fit, we will send you a contract to sign (electronically).

Step 4: After approval, we will deliver the money within 24 hours (via bank transfer, overnight check, or any other mode that’s convenient to you)

State Law Regarding Pre-Settlement Funding in Louisiana

Before applying for a lawsuit advance against your potential future settlement, you should understand how personal injury laws work in Louisiana. The state follows an “at-fault” system for determining damages. This means that the individual responsible for the accident is held accountable for any injuries, property damage, and lost income, etc.

Here are Louisiana’s minimum policy limits:

  • $15,000 physical injury liability per individual and $30,000 per accident
  • $15,000 uninsured motorist coverage per individual and $30,000 per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $1,000 in medical payments coverage

If your damages exceed the above limits, the person or company responsible for your injuries will have to pay the remaining amount. 

Also keep in mind that the statute of limitations for cases of medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, and personal injury in Louisiana is only 1 year. So, if you think your injuries or property damage is caused by another party’s negligent behavior, you should consult with an attorney and file a lawsuit as soon as possible following the incident so you will be in a position to obtain pre-settlement funding.

Previous Cases of Personal Injury Lawsuits in Baton Rouge, LA

A few years ago, a plaintiff was stopped in traffic in Louisiana, when his car was rear-ended by a commercial truck. The plaintiff sustained severe injuries in both wrists, arms, low back, and neck, and had to undergo a cervical fusion to get some degree of function back in the neck. It was determined by a general surgeon and a neurologist that he will need long-term rehabilitation, which could cost up to $2.5 million. He was awarded $3,873,018 by the jury.

In a local case, an East Baton Rouge Parish resident suffered a double leg amputation because of the poorly maintained highway. He received $13,800,000 in settlement from the county. 

In cases like these, a car accident loan would be a great help for victims who have to wait for several months or longer for their settlement funds to come in.

Car Accident Statistics in Louisiana

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and people were forced to stay at home, the number of vehicle collision fatalities naturally went down in most places – but not in Louisiana. The number of deaths from traffic accidents in 2021 here somehow managed to set a new record. There were 997 fatalities and 914 crashes in 2021, which is a sharp increase from 828 fatalities and 762 crashes in 2020.

Car accidents are usually caused by some type of negligence, which means the victim can file a claim for damages. If you are in this position, Direct Legal Funding can help you obtain a car accident loan as an advance on the settlement you will receive.

Average Time It Takes to Get Lawsuit Funding in Baton Rouge, LA  

If you’re working with a reputable lender like Direct Legal Funding, speed is everything. Once we approve your pre-settlement funding application (which usually takes 48 hours), we can mail an overnight check or wire transfer the money to your account within 24 hours.

Factors That Could Cause a Lawsuit Advance to Take Longer Than Usual

Of course, there’s always room for unexpected delays. The most common causes for a delay in lawsuit funding application processing are:

  • The applicant’s attorney is too busy to take our call
  • The attorney doesn’t have all the case details at their disposal during our brief interview
  • The applicant doesn’t have the required documents (such as insurance papers, hospital bills, medical reports, police incident reports, etc.)

If you want your lawsuit settlement loan application fast-tracked, we encourage you to talk to your attorney and let them know that they should be ready for us to call them. Keep all the necessary documents organized in a neat manner, so you access them quickly. The better prepared you and your attorney are, the faster the process will be.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Baton Rouge for Drivers

Everybody says their city’s traffic is the worst, but when someone from Baton Rouge says it, they actually mean it. Our traffic is considered the 4th worst in the country, just slightly behind New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. More traffic means drivers spend more time on the roads, increasing the risk of crashes.

Cases of traffic congestion, speeding, and aggressive driving are particularly common on the following roads:

  • Staring Lane from Highland Road to Perkins Road
  • Nicholson Drive
  • O’Neal Lane from Harrell’s Ferry Road & I-12
  • Burbank Drive from Lee Drive to Bluebonnet Drive
  • Highland Road from Perkins Road to Airline Highway

Best Hospitals and Emergency Care Centers in Baton Rouge for Accident Injuries

Whether you are severely injured or have only sustained minor bruises in an accident, your first priority should be to head to a nearby hospital for a quick checkup. There are many great ERs and medical clinics in Baton Rouge that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including:

  • Baton Rouge General – Bluebonnet
  • Baton Rouge General – Mid City
  • Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
  • Ochsner Medical Center
  • Promise Hospital of Baton Rouge
  • St Brendan Specialty Hospital
  • Sage Specialty Hospital
  • The Spine Hospital of Louisiana at the NeuroMedical Center

The Average Cost of Healthcare in Louisiana

The most recently published data shows that the average cost of health insurance in the state for one person is $7,047. This is almost $25 per individual more than the national average. In other words, getting medical care in Louisiana is not cheap. If you end up with significant injuries in a car crash, you can easily end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of hospital bills. It is in times like these when a car accident loan can be a real life saver financially.

Contact Us for Low-Interest, No-Risk Lawsuit Settlement Loans in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Direct Legal Funding has always been committed to offering competitive interest rates to Baton Rouge residents. We are also known for having one of the highest pre-settlement funding application approval rates in Louisiana. If your attorney shows that you have a good case, we can usually give you a lawsuit advance within 24 hours at the most competitive interest rate.

You will bear absolutely no risk and you don’t give any collateral to obtain your lawsuit settlement loan. We only get paid out of the settlement or jury award that you receive. If you lose the case, you do not have to pay us back.

Are you ready to get started? Fill out the application here or contact our team if you have any questions about pre-settlement funding. You can also call us at 866-941-5588 to start the process.

How is a Lawsuit Loan Different from a Traditional Loan? 

A traditional loan works on the principles of debt finance. For example, let’s say you borrow $100,000 from a bank to buy a house and you agree to pay 10% interest on the capital. This means you’ll pay $10,000 per year in interest. But the bank will also want some security against this loan. This is to offer protection if you cannot pay the loan back.

In the case of buying a property, the security will be against the property, so if you don’t keep up with the payments of the mortgage, the bank has the right to step in and repossess the property, which they would then sell in order to recoup their money.

In this traditional approach, you would go to the bank and ask them to lend you the money. But we all know it’s not that easy.

You have to be qualified by the bank. And banks are risk averse. So, you have to show them your credit score, your salary, your current assets and liabilities, your horoscope, etc. We are only kidding about the horoscope, but you get the idea.

Where the traditional loan providers have failed, lawsuit funding firms have stepped in and come through for personal injury victims who are short of cash.

In the case of a traditional home loan from a bank, the loan is secured against the house. In the case of a lawsuit settlement loan, the cash advance is secured through a lien on the future financial award you might win. So, if you lose the case, we will not require you to repay the money back.

As we mentioned earlier, pre-settlement funding transactions are not actually loans. The repayment only happens if the client (plaintiff) receives a favorable settlement or jury award.

How to Qualify for a Lawsuit Loan? 

To be eligible, you must have:

  • A viable personal injury claim with merit
  • Be represented by a lawyer on a contingency fee basis
  • The defendant must have the ability to pay your damages (i.e., they must be insured)

Once all these three criteria are met, you can be considered eligible.

To qualify, it must be obvious that the defendant(s) has a strong liability for causing your injuries and/or property damage. They should also be financially able to pay for those damages.

And the attorney you’ve hired for your personal injury case must be on a contingency fee basis. This means they must be compensated from the proceeds of the case only. 

Other than this, there’s nothing else you need to worry about. We can’t talk about other providers, but here at Direct Legal Funding, we don’t care if you have bad credit or you haven’t had a job for years. As long as you have a solid case and a contingency-fee-based lawyer to represent you, you’re a good candidate for lawsuit funding.

What is the Process of Obtaining a Lawsuit Settlement Loan?

Here’s what a typical process looks like:

Step 1: It all begins with an email, phone call, or website.

Most lending providers have their loan application forms listed on their websites. You can fill it out for free. You can also call them or email them to start the application process.

Next, the lawsuit advance provider will contact you to double-check that you meet the pre-qualification criteria as mentioned above.

Once they determine that you are eligible, they will then move forward and request your case details from your attorney (after getting your consent, of course). You – the plaintiff – must provide authorization for your lawyer to give us the case records.

Step 2: Your case is reviewed

The underwriters at the pre-settlement funding firm will start by examining all the documents pertaining to your case and will speak with your lawyer to address any additional issues or concerns.

During this step, we consider all the information we have collected from your lawyer, including damages, liability, and the defendant’s ability to pay. Based on everything we have, we will approve, deny, or postpone the decision (subject to further documentation/information).

Step 3: Sign the contract and take the money

If you are approved, we will send a contract to be signed by you and your lawyer. As soon as you sign this document (electronically), we will send you the funds in as little as 24 hours.

How to Improve Your Chances of Approval?

The following tips will help you ensure that your application gets approved:

Keep the Necessary Paperwork Ready: The very first step in getting your application approved is getting the requested documents on your case. Cases where the client is proactive in helping with the gathering of this paperwork, have a much higher probability of approval. Remember, this is your case. You have every right to request documents on your case file from your lawyer.

Here is the list of documents our Direct Legal Funding underwriters like to review when assessing a case:

  • Accident report, police report, or incident report
  • Medical records regarding the accident and subsequent treatment
  • Insurance coverage for the defendant
  • Cope of the lawsuit (complaint) if already filed
  • Witness statements
  • Settlement demands and settlement offers
  • Expert reports, analyses, or investigative reports
  • Pay-off information (this means any previous lawsuit loans you have received on the case)

Attorney Cooperation is Key: For us to fund your claim, we need the cooperation of your lawyer. Once you have decided to get a lawsuit settlement loan, your attorney’s participation is necessary for getting your application approved.

Here’s what your attorney must do:

  • Provide the requested documentation regarding your case
  • Answer any questions we (the loan provider) may have
  • Sign the contract (if the application is approved)

Direct Legal Funding: The Reliable Partner You Need for No-Risk Lawsuit Loans

If your case is taking longer than expected to settle or goes to trial, you may experience financial difficulties which add pressure to settle your case prematurely for less than its full value. Direct Legal Funding is here to level the playing field so you get the opportunity to settle on your own terms.

Have any questions about pre-settlement loans? Feel free to call us at 866-941-5588 or get in touch with us online. If you’ve already talked to your lawyer about it, fill out this application form and get ready to receive your advance in about 24 hours.

PG&E California Wildfire Lawsuit Loans

On July 13, 2021, a fire began in Northern California in the Feather River Canyon near the Cresta Dam in Butte County. Later named the “Dixie Fire”, it went on to become the second-largest fire in recorded California history. The Dixie Fire raged for 3 ½ months, burning nearly one million acres across five counties and leaving several towns and communities damaged or destroyed in its wake.

The Dixie Fire destroyed more than 1,300 homes in Northern California, costing an estimated $1.15 billion in repair costs alone. As staggering as this figure is, the cost to repair the physical damage is only a fraction of the untold emotional damage that was inflicted on area residents.

One person was killed, and countless others suffered severe burn injuries and other types of injuries from the fire. On top of all this, hundreds of families had their homes and lives uprooted and had to relocate while everything was being rebuilt.

An investigation by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CALFIRE) found that Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) was responsible for the Dixie Fire. It was determined by investigators that the massive fire was sparked by a tree that fell on electrical distribution lines that were owned and operated by PG&E.

Pre-Settlement Funding for PG&E California Wildfire Lawsuit

If you or someone close to you is involved in litigation against PG&E for their role in causing the Dixie Fire or any other California wildfire, you should not have to wait several months or longer for the compensation you need to help rebuild your life!

Lawsuit cash advances are available through Direct Legal Funding, one of the nation’s leading pre-settlement loan providers. Receive an advance on your lawsuit settlement in his little as 24 hours to cover expenses such as:

  • Temporary relocation costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Repairs of damaged or destroyed property
  • Mortgage payments
  • Business interruption losses
  • Daily living and other personal expenses

Our low-interest pre-settlement loans are non-recourse, meaning that you only have to pay back the loan if you receive a settlement or favorable court judgment.

Widespread PG&E-Induced California Wildfires

Sadly, the 2021 Dixie Fire is far from an isolated incident. California has been ravaged by wildfires in recent years, and according to CAL FIRE, there has been an average of 7,140 fires and an average of 2,094,293 acres burned each year for the past five years.

PG&E has been implicated in a significant number of recent California wildfires, and in many cases, settlement funds have already been set up to compensate fire victims. However, those affected by a PG&E-induced wildfire need to either join an ongoing lawsuit or file one of their own.

If you or someone you know was impacted by either the Dixie Fire or another California wildfire that happened recently and you are not yet part of any litigation, we strongly advise that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Here are some of the recent California wildfires in which it has been determined that PG&E was the cause:

  • The 56,000-acre Zogg Fire which started in Shasta County in September 2020.
  • The 77,000-acre Kincade Fire that started in Sonoma County in October 2019.
  • The 153,000-acre Camp Fire that started in Butte County in November 2018.
  • The October 2017 “Fire Siege” that burned more than 107,000 acres across several Northern California counties.
  • The 36,000-acre Tubbs Fire that burned parts of Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties in October 2017.
  • The 70,000-acre Butte Fire that started in Amador County in September 2015.

In these and numerous other California wildfires, the root cause of the fire was some type of PG&E electrical equipment failure. Although PG&E has been determined to be negligent for these fires (and in some cases “grossly negligent”), lawsuits against utilities always involve a number of complicated factors.

Plaintiffs will often need to wait for a significant period of time before they receive their settlement funds while PG&E needlessly drags out the process. In the meantime, the bills keep coming in and the cost to rebuild their lives continues to add up.

Receive a Pre-Settlement Litigation Loan for Your PG&E California Wildfire Lawsuit

If you are one of the countless individuals and families that have had their lives turned upside down by a California wildfire that PG&E was responsible for, Direct Legal Funding can help put you back on solid financial ground while your case is ongoing. With our PG&E lawsuit cash advance, you can experience peace of mind knowing that your short-term financial needs will be taken care of while you wait for your final settlement from PG&E.

Our pre-settlement funding process is quick and easy. There are no credit checks, and there is no collateral required. As we talked about earlier, our lawsuit loans are non-recourse, and once you receive your advance funding, you will not have to stress about paying it back because the repayment will come from the settlement funds that you eventually receive.

Here is a general overview of our low-interest lawsuit loan process:

  • Fill out our online application.
  • We will request relevant documents from your attorney pertaining to your PG&E lawsuit.
  • Our underwriters will review the documents provided by your attorney.
  • We will set up a brief conference call with your attorney to discuss your case and gain any necessary clarifications.
  • Once your lawsuit funding application is approved, we will draft a contract and send it to you for your signature.
  • After the contract is signed by you and your attorney and returned to us, you will receive your lawsuit cash advance usually within 24 business hours. This is typically done via wire transfer or overnight check.

We work hard to provide an advance on your lawsuit settlement as quickly as possible. However, delays can happen; and when they do, it is typically because we are waiting for some or all of the necessary paperwork from your attorney and/or waiting for your attorney to set up a time to speak with us.

All that said, most attorneys understand the need for their clients to receive their funds as soon as possible, and they are usually willing to work with us.

Get a Pre-Settlement Loan for Your PG&E California Wildfire Lawsuit from Direct Legal Funding

At Direct Legal Funding, we offer low-cost lawsuit loans with the most competitive interest rates in the industry backed by our dedicated customer service. Our loans are risk-free and collateral free with fast turnaround times – usually within as little as 24 business hours.

Apply online or call us today at 866-941-5588 to get started. You can also reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you.