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Car Accidents in Gary, Indiana

If you have ever been in a car accident in Gary, Indiana, you may need the help of a reliable lawsuit loan to get you through the tough times until a verdict or settlement is reached. The majority of people who get seriously injured in car crashes are not able to work for a long time following it. However, that doesn’t mean they stop needing money to pay their bills.

While you are waiting to get a settlement offer or jury award on your case, and money is tight, you can apply for a lawsuit loan. It won’t only help finance your personal expenses but could also result in you not having to settle your case for far less than what you rightfully deserve. 

A lawsuit loan or a lawsuit cash advance in Gary, Indiana, allows you to take an advance on the potential monetary compensation of your case. In relation to this, in order to get the most out of this advance, it’s important to choose the right provider.

The Steps to Obtain Settlement Funding in Gary, Indiana

Even though it’s referred to as a “loan”, applying for a lawsuit cash advance is nothing like applying for a car loan or home loan. For starters, the loan providers don’t need to check your current financial state or credit rating to evaluate your eligibility. Secondly, the process is a very short one; once you fill out the application, it only takes 2-3 days for you to get the money (if your application is approved).

Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: You can fill out the application online or the loan provider company takes your application over the phone.

Step 2: The provider asks you if your attorney is authorized to talk with them, then they contact your attorney to get the information pertaining to your case.

Step 3: Once they review your case, they will call you back to let you know whether you’re eligible to get the loan.

Step 4: If approved, they will send you the money between 24-48 hours via an overnight check, Western Union, or a wire transfer.

State Law Regarding Pre-Settlement Loans in Gary, IN

Indiana has a “comparative fault” rule for personal injury cases, which means that when the plaintiff (injured person) is found to be partially responsible for the accident, the damages they can claim could be reduced. For example, let’s say you were driving a couple of miles per hour over the speed limit, and another driver makes a sudden turn and crashes into you. If it’s determined that the crash was 25% your fault, the other driver bears 75% of the responsibility. 

According to Indiana’s law, your damages compensation will be reduced by 25%. Stemming from this, if your total damages in the above instance were $20,000, you’d be able to collect $15,000 (i.e., 75% of the total).

As long as your responsibility for the accident is below 50%, Indiana laws state you will be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

Previous Personal Injury Cases in Indiana

Car and truck collisions are, unfortunately, a common occurrence throughout Indiana. In one case, a 20-year-old woman suffered debilitating injuries after being hit by a semi-trailer truck on I-65. The jury found that the truck only hit the woman’s car because it spun out of control on an icy road and was blocking the truck’s lane of traffic. After determining her fault to be 50% in the case, the jury awarded her $5 million in damages.

Statistics on Car Accidents in Indiana

In recent years, more than 100 fatalities have occurred each year in thousands of accidents in Indiana. About 2,681 collisions occurred in 2019 alone in which 101 people lost their lives. The pandemic did lower these numbers to a degree; crashes involving injuries and fatalities have declined about 7% annually since 2014. Still, Indiana has a long way to go in traffic and road safety.

Average Time It Takes to Get a Lawsuit Loan in Gary, Indiana

The majority of applications for lawsuit advances are approved or rejected within 48 hours of submitting the application. If approved, you can have the money in your bank account within 1-2 days. Of course, the duration of this process also depends on your lending provider. At Direct Legal Funding, we pride ourselves on having the fastest loan approval process in Indiana to provide financial assistance to those who need it the most.

Factors That Can Expedite or Delay the Loan Approval Process

You can make sure your application goes through the motions smoothly by letting your attorney know about your plans.

Before you contact the lender, talk to your lawyer and let them know that you’re going to be applying for a loan. The most critical part of the application approval process is the lending provider talking to your lawyer to obtain the case details. And lawyers are busy people – if your lawyer doesn’t have your entire case information ready at hand, this step can take several days. 

If you have not hired an attorney yet because you’re thinking of filing your personal injury claim on your own, please know that you can’t apply for a lawsuit loan in Gary, Indiana, without having a lawyer. To fast-track your application, please retain one before applying.

Major Intersections and Roads in Gary, IN where Accidents Occur

If you’ve lived in Indiana for a while, you know that the roads here are some of the most dangerous in the nation. The city of Gary is no exception. As a driver in this part of the country, you must practice defensive driving and be attentive at all times, especially when you are driving on the following roads:

  • Interstate 65
  • Interstate 70 
  • Interstate 80/94 (Borman Expressway)
  • Interstate 90
  • Highway 60 (infamously referred to as “Death Row”)

Leading Hospitals and Medical Centers in Gary, IN

For most injuries resulting from a vehicle collision, you should get an imaging exam to determine the severity and extent of your injuries. There are some great healthcare providers in Gary that offer round-the-clock medical care for minor and major accident injuries, including:

  • Methodist Hospitals (Midlake Campus and Northlake Campus)
  • Methodist Physician Group
  • St. Catherine Hospital
  • St. Mary Medical center
  • Franciscan Health Munster
  • Pinnacle Hospital

The Average Cost of Healthcare in Gary, IN

Insurance premiums and out-of-pocket health care costs in Gary are lower compared to the average nationwide as well as in other cities in Indiana. If you are a single adult, you can expect to pay around $3,558 per year for healthcare, compared to $3,830 across Indiana and $4,260 across the country.

Let Direct Legal Funding Help You Get Back Up On Your Feet Again

Our pre-settlement advances can help cover your medical bills and provide for your family until your personal injury case reaches a resolution. We don’t need to check your credit rating or your employment status to approve your application.

You might be asking “what’s the catch?” There is none! We provide this legal funding against a pre-determined percentage of the settlement you’ll receive in the future. If you lose the case and don’t receive any compensation, you won’t have to worry about paying us back. The loss will be ours alone to bear.

To apply for no-collateral, no-risk, quick-approval lawsuit funding in Indiana, fill out this form online. If you have any questions, you can call the dedicated team at Direct Legal Funding at 866-941-5588 or contact us online.