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How Long Will My Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Settle?

We wish we could give you a straightforward answer to this important question, but the unfortunate truth is, personal injury cases can take months or even years to resolve – depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

This is largely because insurance companies make more money by denying claims. They know you are likely out of a job because of your injuries; they know you have mountain-high hospital bills; they know you may have lost a loved one whose sole income supported your family; they know you’re worried about paying your rent or your kids’ school fee. 

No matter how “nice” an insurance adjuster may seem, keep in mind that they are working for a huge corporation, and not for you. Insurance companies work on the principle of “delay, deny, and defend” when it comes to handling claims because they have the benefit of time that you don’t.

One very helpful way to level the playing field when dealing with insurance companies is to apply for lawsuit settlement loans. If you are working with an attorney, you may qualify for pre-settlement funding, which provides you with a lawsuit advance on the settlement funds you expect to receive. Direct Legal Funding is one of the leading lawsuit funding providers in the US.

Key Reasons Why Your Personal Injury Claim May Several Months (or Years) to Resolve

Insurance providers know that the longer they keep you from the settlement money, the more desperate you are likely to get. In fact, they hope that you will get mad at your lawyer or the courts because that’s when you will be willing to take pennies on the dollar.

This again is where pre-settlement loans help injury victims by removing the leverage insurance companies have. Car accident loans, construction accident loans, and other forms of lawsuit funding give injured plaintiffs the funds they need to get them through difficult financial times.

Here are the most common reasons why injury claims take so much time to reach a resolution:

There are Complex Legal Issues in Your Personal Injury Case

In some cases, lawyers have disagreements about the law, which causes both parties (i.e., plaintiff and defendant) to file motions. A motion is a paper filed with the court requesting that the judge take a certain action.

For example, a “motion to strike” refers to a request for the judge to remove something in a complaint because the moving party believes the element of the complaint is improper.

There are several different types of motions, but they all really have the same purpose: to determine how the law applies to a case. Since motions can be complicated and numerous, it can take time for your attorney to write legal briefs (these are meant to help the judge in making a decision) on your behalf. Once a case is argued, judges usually have 90 days to make a ruling.

In the meantime, if you have a strong case and your attorney can demonstrate that to our pre-settlement funding specialists, you can apply for a lawsuit advance to get you funds to help you through these delays.

The Other Party Has Disputed Your Claim

The other driver claims that you were speeding but you are convinced you weren’t. In disputes like these, your attorney has to prove that you are right, and that can take quite a while. In personal injury cases, the burden of proof lies on the injured victim. Generally, written documents such as police reports and hospital bills will not be enough to prove a case.

There will have to be out-of-court sworn testimonies (depositions) and expert investigations before the responsible party can evaluate their risk of trial. Disputes can arise as to how injured the plaintiff is, exactly how the incident happened, and whether or not the defendant is responsible for the injuries.

You Are Still Undergoing Treatment

Aside from insurance companies playing their usual games to deny or reduce your claim, this is one of the single biggest reasons cases take time to settle. Once you have signed the hospital/ER release form, you can’t come back and ask for more money.

For example, if you sign the release on day 1 and then on day 2 the physician tells you that you have a traumatic brain injury due to the accident, you will have to pay for that treatment out of your own pocket.

So, an injury case should only be settled when you are completely done with treatment, or when your physician believes you have received all the care you need at that moment and has given you a written estimate about your future care needs.

While you are going through treatment and waiting to know the full extent of your injuries, medical bills can pile up. This is another reason to consider applying for pre-settlement funding. Lawsuit settlement loans can help cover bills for medical treatment and other costs you have incurred during your ordeal.

Your Case Records are Delayed

The police officers have several weeks to create a report about an accident (this duration varies depending on which state you live in). Sometimes, in particularly catastrophic and complicated accidents, it takes them ALL of that time to issue their report.

Also, even after your report has been issued, it may take months for the cops to give it to you or your attorney. And even the most meticulous attorney can’t move forward in a case without this report. Not to mention some hospitals can take forever to provide records, no matter how many requests your attorney makes. There is nothing your attorney can do when these delays occur.

It can be very frustrating when unexpected delays happen, but you can still get money in the meantime by applying for a lawsuit advance. Pre-settlement loans have helped many people who have been in your position before.

Your Attorney Needs Time to Gather Evidence and Build a Strong Case

Attorneys have to gather a lot of information for every case, but they are busy people. Ideally, your attorney should keep you informed about every step they take. If you haven’t heard from them in a while, don’t hesitate to check in with them.

Every case is different so you and your attorney should have a continuous dialogue about how long your case will take. Some cases don’t involve complex disputes, while others may involve appealing to the higher courts, which can take years. Some medical providers turn over records quickly, others take their sweet time.

Never ever feel hesitant about asking your attorney approximately how long your case will take to settle. And even if they give you a clear answer, remember that your proactive involvement can help ensure that they are diligently working on your case to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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