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How Long Does It Take to Get a Lawsuit Loan in El Paso, TX

Pre-settlement funding or a lawsuit loan is a type of settlement loan where you get a cash advance while waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to be finalized. You essentially receive a portion of the compensation you’re expecting to get once your case is settled (out of court) or reaches a verdict.

The time it takes to obtain settlement funding depends on what kind of case it is. The more complex your personal injury claim is, the longer it will take the loan provider to review your case.

For example, car accident cases are usually the easiest to approve for lawsuit loans as they are well documented. There’s almost always a police report in these cases which specifies all the relevant information regarding the accident, like when it happened, where it happened, who was responsible for it, etc.

Medical malpractice or medical negligence cases, on the other hand, can be comparatively trickier. The loan firm has to confirm that your injuries are a result of improper treatment, a misdiagnosis, a pharmacy error, or a surgical mistake.

But generally speaking, the most trustworthy lawsuit loan companies in El Paso, TX can let you know whether your application is approved or rejected within 48 hours. If approved, you can expect to get lawsuit funding within as little as 24 hours.

Steps to Obtaining a Pre-Settlement Loan in El Paso, TX

The way lawsuit funding works in El Paso is very simple as long as you already have an attorney. Remember, the loan firm is counting on you to win your case in order to be repaid.

If you don’t have a lawyer representing your personal injury lawsuit, your odds of winning your case decline drastically. So, no loan provider will give you funding unless there’s an attorney fighting on your behalf.

That being said, the overall process is really simple and fast:

  • Fill Out the Application: You choose a lawsuit funding company and fill out their online application form.
  • Give a Brief Phone Interview: After you submit your application, the company will contact you and your lawyer to learn more details about your case. You will receive a response within 48 hours.
  • Sign the Offer Agreement: Once approved, you and your lawyer will receive an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the loan. You have to sign it (electronically) and send it back.
  • Get the Cash within 24 Hours: After the firm receives the agreement, you will get the funding within 24 hours via wire transfer, overnight check, or Western Union.

State Law Regarding Lawsuit Loans in El Paso, TX

If you have been injured in an accident due to another party’s negligence or intentional conduct, and you don’t have any prior funding for the same lawsuit, you will be eligible for lawsuit loans in El Paso. Even if your lawsuit has not been filed yet, you can get the cash advance as long as you have retained an attorney.

The State Bar of Texas prohibits attorneys from funding a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their client. In other words, your attorney cannot give you an advance out of their own pocket, but they can help you obtain a lawsuit loan.

Statistics on Accidents and Injuries in Texas

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation shows total traffic deaths in 2020 increased by 7.54% compared to the previous years. Nearly 3,896 people were killed in vehicle accidents in Texas in 2020.

It is also estimated that drunken driving accidents account for 25% of all fatalities in the state; 958 people lost their lives due to drivers under the influence. Also, 865 people were killed in collisions that happened at or around an intersection.

Dangerous Intersections and Roads in El Paso, TX

If you live in El Paso, TX make sure you are extra careful while driving on the following roads and intersections because this is where most crashes occur:

  • Montwood Drive and N. Zaragoza Road
  • Gateway Boulevard East and Hawkins/Gateway Boulevard East and Corral
  • Joe Battle and Rojas
  • N. Mesa and N. Desert Boulevard
  • Joe Battle Boulevard and Pellicano Drive
  • Joe Battle Boulevard and Montana Avenue
  • Hawkins Boulevard and Gateway Boulevard West
  • Joe Battle Boulevard and N. Zaragoza Road
  • Joe Battle Boulevard and Montwood Drive
  • Joe Battle Boulevard and Edgemere Boulevard

Hospitals and Medical Centers in El Paso, TX

If you have suffered a personal injury due to a vehicle collision, medical malpractice, slip and fall accident, construction site accident, or even police brutality, it’s crucial to get medical attention right away.

You can visit any of the following hospitals in El Paso, Texas to receive quality medical care:

  • The Hospitals of Providence East Campus
  • Las Palmas Medical Center
  • Kindred Hospital El Paso
  • University Medical Center of El Paso
  • El Paso LTAC Hospital
  • Emergency Room – Trawood
  • Legent Hospital of El Paso
  • Del Sol Medical Center
  • Premier Specialty Hospital of El Paso
  • Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso
  • Mesa Hills Specialty Hospital & Wound Care and Horizons Healthcare Center

Average Time It Takes to Get a Settlement Loan in El Paso, TX 

Most lawsuit funding companies in Texas are able to review an application, approve it, and send you the money all within a matter of 2-3 days.

Factors that can Delay the Loan Approval Process

  • If the case is too complex: Some personal injury cases are simply more intricate than others, especially if the extent of damage or “who caused it” is not entirely clear. Since the loan company is taking all the risk in these situations, they need to be sure that you’re likely to receive compensation. Reviewing all this information can sometimes take more than the usual 48 hours.  
  • If you don’t have sufficient documentation: If you or your attorney fails to provide all the relevant information and documentation, it could also result in some delay.

Factors that can Expedite the Approval Process

  • Talk to your attorney beforehand: Before you fill out the loan application, make sure you and your attorney are all caught up regarding your lawsuit’s details. The loan company will call both of you for a brief interview; the faster that process goes, the faster your application will get approved.
  • Be ready with the necessary documentation: Furnish all the important documentation, like medical reports and police reports to the loan company. If you have any evidence that proves that defendant is responsible for your accident or injuries, you should make sure to provide that as well.

The Average Cost of Healthcare in El Paso, Texas

Texans, including the residents of El Paso, have the highest hospital bills in the country, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins. It is estimated that healthcare prices in Texas (before insurance) are about 6.4 times more expensive than the amount allowed under Medicare. The 4 most costly areas in the state are Brownsville-Harlingen, Laredo, McAllen-Edinburgh-Mission, and El Paso.

Why Choose Direct Legal Funding for Your Settlement Loan Needs

If you are a plaintiff planning to file a personal injury lawsuit or you have already filed one, Direct Legal Funding can provide you the financial assistance you need to fund a successful case and pay your personal bills in the meantime.

We can review your application and ensure it is approved in less than 24 hours. Just fill out our free application form, which takes 4-5 minutes, and we will handle the rest.

Only after you win a settlement or verdict award, will we ask you to repay the loan. Our interest rates are among the most competitive in the market. Our team is available to guide you every step of the way and ensure that you feel secure in your financial future. Give us a call at 866-941-5588 or contact us online to get started.

Lawsuit Loans for Car Accidents in El Paso, Texas

Getting involved in a car accident in El Paso, TX can be a traumatic experience. The resultant pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income can worsen the situation. You might need pre-settlement financial help to cover the mounting medical costs and general household expenses when you are injured and away from work. El Paso car accidents can inflict serious physical and emotional damage, and you may need a cash advance on your car accident case in this time of crisis.

What is a lawsuit loan for car accidents in El Paso, Texas?

A personal injury lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX is available to those involved in an auto collision occurring due to another party’s negligence. A pre-settlement litigation loan isn’t really a loan in the technical sense, but a cash advance that will be based on your estimated future settlement value.

Car collisions can be seriously damaging and expensive. The settlement can take years. The longer the prospect of receiving a settlement, the more you might be tempted to accept a lower settlement offer from the at-fault party. In this situation, a car accident lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX gives you the financial support you need to cover your costs while you pursue your maximum rightful settlement.

Statistics related to car accidents in El Paso

In 2020, there were 12,483 car crashes in El Paso alone. As many as 135 people sustained serious injuries, while 55 people were killed in these car accidents. A large number of El Paso crashes were triggered by speeding drivers, or drivers not attentive to the road while driving. Drunk driving also played a role in several of these accidents.

Dangerous intersections located in El Paso

Traffic in El Paso is always too busy, and there is a significant risk of accidents. The far eastern part of El Paso has the highest number of car wrecks. The area around Joe Battle is especially dangerous. The three most dangerous intersections in El Paso, TX area:

  • Montwood and Joe Battle
  • N. Zaragoza and Joe Battle
  • Edgemere and Joe Battle

The Montwood and Joe Battle intersection was cited as the most dangerous intersection across all of Texas. This was based on a study conducted by a law firm in Houston after analyzing four years of car collision data obtained from TxDOT.

Leading medical centers and hospitals in El Paso, Texas

  • Medical center at Las Palmas
  • Cobalt Rehabilitation Hospital, El Paso
  • The LTAC Hospital, El Paso
  • Foundation Surgical Hospital, El Paso
  • Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Providence East Campus & Tenet Healthcare Hospitals

Key reasons for car accidents in El Paso, Texas

Distracted driving

The number one reason for car accidents in El Paso is distracted driving. Distracted drivers do not have their full attention present on the road. They could be focused on their cell phone, a co-passenger, or even a message on a billboard. Remember, if you are driving, your main job is to ensure that you reach your destination safely. Distracted drivers have usually been driving long distances and believe they can multitask. Never allow yourself to believe this mindset.


Many drivers rush past us on highways, even at higher speeds than us. People often drive 15, 10, or even 20 miles over the posted speed limit. The faster the speed, the lesser will be the time to react. If you happen to be driving 20 miles over the speed limit, preventing a car accident would be quite difficult.

Drunk driving

Persons who drink and drive represent a danger not just to themselves but also to others around them. Cognitive functions and senses are dulled when you drink. Reaction times get slower, and your decision-making abilities get compromised. Make sure to find someone sober to take you home if you are drunk.

Reckless driving

Examples of reckless driving include cutting other drivers off, tailgating, and weaving in and out of traffic. All of these can cause severe car accidents. If you see someone driving this way, keep a distance and be careful when you drive. You cannot make a reckless driver drive safely. So, it is best to protect and keep yourself safe. Based on this, you should report the driver.

Bad weather

Bad weather such as snowstorms or heavy rain can create dangerous situations for driving. Water can create slippery roadways, and your car could slide without any warning. If you are in a rainstorm, be sure to drive more carefully. You can have a misconception that your car tires are adhering properly to the ground, but on a slippery road, there is no telling. Be sure to drive more slowly. With cold weather and snow, the road could form ice on it, and this could cause the car to slide if you need to apply the brakes suddenly.

Running intersections

Running through stop signs and red lights can be a major reason for car accidents. Red lights indicate the driver has to stop. Yellow light means you need to slow down, and not immediately speed up waiting for the light to turn green. Many people get tempted to run stop signs in the vicinity of their homes, but you don’t have to do this. You can wait 10 seconds more if it means saving your life.

Improper turns

Make sure to be in the proper car lane, according to your destination of travel. If you are in the straight lane and want to take a turn, be sure to keep driving straight. You can turn around the block later, in a parking lot or someone else’s driveway. That is much safer compared to cutting lanes.

Get your lawsuit cash advance from Direct Legal Funding until your El Paso, TX car accident settlement comes through

Car accidents can be a harrowing experience. Settlement durations can vary from months to even years. You don’t have to keep waiting without money until you receive your rightful settlement. At Direct Legal Funding, we try to provide you with El Paso, car accident settlement loans in as little as 24 hours, with no credit checks needed. No need to wait. Just fill out our online application form or call us at 866-941-5588 for pre-settlement funding assistance.

How to Receive a Lawsuit Loan in El Paso, Texas

It’s easy to get a lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX if you reach out to a dedicated and accomplished service provider such as Direct Legal Funding. All you have to do is complete the online application form or call them on the listed number. The specialists from the company will contact you quickly and provide you with the necessary guidance.

The entire process right from application to submission of documents may only take about five minutes. Upon receipt of the documents from your lawyer, Direct Legal Funding could process your lawsuit loan approval in 24 hours.

Here are the simple steps to apply for a lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX:

Step 1: Choose a lawsuit funding company (preferably a reputable one) and fill out their online application form (you can usually find this on their website). You can also apply by calling them via phone.

Step 2: After you submit your application or after the company representatives speak with you over the phone, they will contact your lawyer to go over the details of your claim. You will receive a response within 48 hours as to whether your application was accepted or denied.

Step 3: Once approved, you and your lawyer will receive an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the funding. You can likely sign this document electronically (via DocuSign, for example).

Step 4: After the company receives the agreement signed by you and your lawyer, they will release the funds within 24 hours. This is usually done via wire transfer, overnight check, or Western Union, depending on your preference.

Direct Legal Funding will send you as well as your lawyer a DocuSign contract of agreement for execution. After that, they will wire transfer the funds, send you an overnight check, or even pay via Western Union – depending on your preference.

How to qualify for lawsuit loans in El Paso, TX

Lawsuit loans have different qualification criteria depending on the kind of case you have and the policies and procedures of the lender. Most of the leading and trusted lenders in El Paso, TX will follow certain universal criteria for selecting the cases that meet the necessary requirements.

Common factors for the assessment of qualifications include:

  • The plaintiff has to have a lawyer.
  • The kind of lawsuit needs to match the lawsuits acceptable by the lawsuit loan company. Some organizations only focus on personal injury lawsuits, while other organizations also accept other kinds of cases.
  • The plaintiff needs to have a reasonably strong case. Lawsuit loan companies tend to approve applications where more evidence supports the plaintiff’s case for compensation.

Upon your meeting qualification criteria, the lawsuit loan company decides on the loan amount. The amount of the lawsuit loan in El Paso, TX will depend on your personal needs as well as how much settlement might be expected. Make sure to talk to a committed lawsuit loan provider such as Direct Legal Funding in El Paso, TX in order to know which qualifications are needed in your case.

Lawsuit funding regulations, ethics opinions, and laws in Texas

There are no direct laws related to lawsuit loans within Texas. The common law in Texas allows the disbursement of lawsuit loans. Stemming from this, the state does not categorize these as loans. Any communication with a lawsuit loan company is protected under lawyer work-product.

Texas remains one of the few states where an attorney can provide a client with a financial advance to sustain their living expenses. Direct Legal Funding is a leading lawsuit loan provider offering settlement funding to the residents of El Paso and communities throughout Texas.

Case laws for legal funding in Texas

In the case titled Haskell vs. Anglo-Dutch Petroleum Intern, it was found that equity sales and purchases in a legal case are different from the loans based on contingent repayment (lawsuit loans). Most modern lending agreements in lawsuit loans are non-recourse and they are not technically classified as loans in El Paso, TX.

Can an attorney give money to a client in El Paso, TX?

According to the rules of the Texas Bar Association, an attorney can sufficiently cover medical and living expenses for the client. In addition, they may advance or cover litigation expenses.

Statistics of car accidents in El Paso

Crash report data reveals the following to be some of the most common causes of auto accidents:

  • Lack of speed control: 2,701 auto accidents
  • Inattention of driver: 1,516 auto accidents
  • Not yielding right of way when turning left: 655 auto accidents
  • Changing lanes when it was unsafe: 647 auto accidents
  • Failure to yield right during a stop sign: 379 auto accidents
  • Backup without any safety: 352 auto accidents
  • Failure in yielding right of way during a private drive: 294 auto accidents
  • Not paying attention to stop light or sign: 253 auto accidents
  • Drunk driving: 251 auto accidents

Types of cases eligible for lawsuit loans in El Paso, Texas

Car accidents

Car accidents represent the most common kind of personal injury cases in El Paso, TX. To receive a judgment against the defendant and win the case, there should be certain proofs as follows:

  • Another person caused the injuries and the car accident
  • This person did so through reckless behavior
  • The injuries were from the car accident in question

Premise liability or slip and fall accidents

Premises Liability is another common kind of personal injury case in El Paso. Landlords are legally bound to keep the premises free of any hazardous materials so that persons on the property do not receive any injury.

Medical negligence injuries

Medical negligence is also categorized under a personal injury claim. This happens when a healthcare professional or doctor does not provide the correct medical care, and injury or harm falls on the patient.

Construction accidents

Construction accidents have a larger sum of funding compared to other kinds of cases. This is because of how often such serious injuries occur, and that defendants often already have large liability insurance coverage.

Factors that can Delay the El Paso, TX Lawsuit Loan Approval Process

  • Complexity of the case: Some personal injury cases can be more complicated than others, especially if they involve multiple third parties. Since the loan company needs to evaluate all the information to approve or reject an application, it can take longer compared to more cut-and-dried cases.
  • Unprepared attorney or insufficient documentation: To make the approval process go through smoothly, it is imperative that your attorney provides every bit of available information and documentation to the loan company. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary delays.

Factors that can Expedite the El Paso, TX Lawsuit Loan Approval Process

  • Keep your attorney informed: Before you fill out the loan application, talk to your attorney about it. This will give them the opportunity to get all the documents in order and ready for submission.
  • Be available for the interview: As part of the loan application evaluation process, the company will need to talk to you as well as your attorney. It’s a brief phone interview where they ask you the general details regarding your lawsuit. Make sure you are available to take this call.

Choose Direct Legal Funding for lawsuit loans in El Paso, TX

When you make a lawsuit loan application with Direct Legal Funding, you are dealing with a team of specialists who are committed to getting your work done efficiently. Our processes are streamlined and simple. Whether you call us or contact us through our online form, our representatives will assist you in the best possible manner.

Choose us because of:

  • Our professional representatives who understand your requirements
  • Our dedicated team of experienced underwriters
  • Our efficient, attentive, and knowledgeable staff
  • Our highly competitive low-interest rates
  • Years of expertise and knowledge
  • Large network comprising funders
  • Our guidance about all the paperwork
  • Expertise in handling attorney and client relationships

If you are seeking a personal injury lawsuit loan in El Paso, Texas, contact us today. Once you apply, we take care of all the legwork after that. Our underwriting team encompasses the most qualified lawyers who have thorough legal knowledge and experience in various states in the US.

We provide funding for many different kinds of cases. Our team also works with you to customize your lawsuit loan according to your unique requirements. Apply now through our online form or call us at 866-941-5588.